7 Foolproof Hacks To Stop Biting Nails Once And For All

Stop Biting Nails

Stop Biting Nails: Do you often bite your nails? People usually bite your nails when they are stressed or anxious. Is it actually true? This bad habit can not only destroy your nails and teeth but also make you susceptible to infection. As the bacteria and viruses present in your nails transfer to your mouth and face.

Now what is the reason you bite your nails? Why is it bad to bite your nails? Keep reading to find out.

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Why Is It Bad To Bite Your Nails?

Here are the main reasons you should stop biting your nails:

  1. Your nails can lose their shape once on being bitten and can start growing back abnormally. Furthermore giving them an disheveled look.
  2. It probably can crack or break your teeth, while biting your nails. Hence spoiling your nails and furthermore causing problems to your jaw.
  3. Your hands consist of germs and these germs are hidden in your nails. When you bite your nails, these germs can enter your body through the mouth and there is a chance of getting diseases.
  4. Biting your nails is a bad habit. Especially when you are outside in front of many other people.
  5. It can damage partially growing nails and the surrounding tissues. Henceforth damaging nails.
  6. Biting your nails can damage your teeth roots, oral infections and oral injuries.

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Now you know why you should stop biting your nails! But, did you ever wonder what could be causing this weird habit? Read furthermore to find out:

Stop Biting Nails

What Causes You To Bite Your Nails?

Nail biting could be a sign of an underlying health condition. Temporary nail biting is relatively non-destructive. However, it can also develop into a long-term problem. Uncontrollable nail biting that goes on to damage the nails and its surrounding tissues is considered a grooming disorder. It is often termed as onychophagia or onychophagy. This condition is classified as “an obsessive-compulsive and related disorder”.

Other possible causes of nail biting are:

The parents of the affected individual have also had a similar habit of nail biting

  • Emotional or mental stress
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Hunger
  • Insecurity

In children, most cases of nail biting are a result of anxiety or boredom. Some children also tend to find this habit quite soothing.

As you have seen, a number of factors could be triggering the habit of nail biting. If you are a chronic nail biter, and this habit has begun damaging your nails, it is recommended that you seek medical help to identify the underlying cause of your condition.

If you are among those individuals who find themselves biting their nails during times of stress or anxiety and want to put a stop to it, here are a few tricks that may help.

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How To Stop Biting Nails

1. Keep Your Nails Short

Cutting your nails short and keeping them neat is one of the best ways to prevent nail biting. When you don’t have anything to chew on, you will kick the habit eventually.

2. Get Your Manicure Game On

Pamper yourself and get a nice manicure done. Manicures can make your hands as well as nails look attractive. You will be less likely to bite your nails as you don’t want to ruin the manicure.

3. Keep A Check On The Triggers

Find out what triggers you to bite your nails. Do you bite your nails when you are bored? Or is it plain anxiety? Studies have shown that people resort to nail biting when they are bored, hungry, nervous, or stressed. Identify the trigger and find ways to deal with it to stop biting your nails.

4. Use Gloves Or Nail Stickers

Another way to stop yourself from biting your nails is to use a pair of gloves or nail stickers. While this may sound silly, if your mouth can’t find your nails, it will be far less tempted to bite them.

5. Keep Them Busy

Yes, keeping your hands and mouth busy might do the trick. Every time you find yourself tempted to bite your nails, get hold of a stress ball or chew gum. You will not be able to bite your nails if your hands and/or mouth are already preoccupied!

6. Use Bitter Nail Polish

The application of bitter-tasting nail polish is an age-old trick to prevent nail biting.

7. Try The Gradual Approach

You cannot stop biting your nails overnight. It is a gradual process. Stop biting one fingernail at a time, say your thumbnail, and then extend it to the other fingers, one by one, until you stop biting all nails gradually.

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