Avanakku(Castor)-Remedy from Nature to Cure Rheumatism

Avanakku(Castor) a Natural remedy to cure Rheumatism or Vatham


Avanakku(ആവണക്ക് ) is also known as Castor or Erandi.It is a herbaceous shrub which looks like a small tree.Its leaves are broad and palmately 5-11 lobed.Its seeds are ellipse or ovoid in shape like a capsule.And the seeds are blackish or greyish brown in colour.This plant is native to North East tropical Africa).Castor is found in India also and is used in Ayurveda for medicinal purposes.Its Roots, Seeds, Leaves and Oil can be used.The Castor seeds contain 40-60 percentage of oil.This oil is a rich source of triglycerides mainly it contains mainly ricinolein.Its seeds contain a toxin named ricin.This toxin is found throughout the plant in a small amount.Some of its major medicinal use are described here.Go through it…

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Avanakku(Castor) has a major role in curing Rheumatism or Vatham


The leaves of Avanakku(ആവണക്ക് or Castor) is mainly used as Anti-Vatham(വാദം) in Siddha and Ayurveda.

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How It Is Used:-

  • In Chronic Rheumatic conditions the castor oil with other medicinal herbs are used.
  • For Rheumatic swelling condition, the dry seeds of Castor can be used.For this, the crushed paste of castor can apply.
  • During the Vatha(വാദം) Condition, the decoction of crushed roots of Castor can be used.The decoction is boiling or heating the crushed roots and form if as a concentrated liquor.
  • The dried seed powder about 1 to 2 gramme can be given to the Rheumatic conditions.
  • Castor leaves juice can use for Rheumatism.

Other Uses of Avanakku

Dried Avanakku Available from NatureLoC.com

Dried Avanakku Available from NatureLoC.com

  • The extract of the seeds of Avanakku(ആവണക്ക്) has an anti-oxidant property
  • For Backache the kernel of castor with milk can be used

Uses of Avanakku oil

Castor oil has lots of medicinal properties.This is a vegetable oil.Used in wide verities of cosmetics, soaps, massage oils and medicines.Cator oil has lots of benefits for skin, hair and health.Some of them are here…


  • For Rheumatic conditions, Avanakku (ആവണക്ക്) oil medicated with other medicinal herbs can be used.
  • The oil can heal the inflammations of our skin .
  • Oil can prevent the ageing of skin.when this is applied to the skin it can induce the formation of collagen and elastin.This results in wrinkleless smooth soft and younger skin
  • Can prevent acne, Stretch marks and pigmentation.
  • Castor oil promotes hair growth, conditions hair and premature hair growth prevent

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