Boon for kidney diseases- Gokhru(Njerinjil) Plant

Boon for kidney diseases- Gokhru(Njerinjil) Plant

Today kidney diseases has become one of the major reason for “death”. These diseases are very dangerous and gets serious in short time. Now,this can be cured using a very simple herb called ‘Gokhru‘.It is also commonly known by other names like gokhsur, puncture vine, bindii, cathead, and burra gokhru.
It is mainly used for dealing with sexual problems and problems related to the kidneys and the urinary system in our body. In this post, we will look at most of the important health benefits of gokhru, which is consumed in powder form.

1.Boost in sexual performance:

Gokhru powder, when consumed along with the Ashwagandha powder, can help reduce sexual weakness in men, including treating issues of erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

When consumed in a water based decoction it can break and dissolve the kindey stone which is a major health issue

2.Address urinary problems:

Urinary problems mainly such as blood in urine, urinary infections, frequent urination, painful urination and urine blockage can be easily resolved upto a great extent by using Gokhru powder.

a.To stop bleeding in urine, the whole Gokhru plant must be taken in the form of a juice. To do this, you should clean the plant and remove dirt by washing in water. Then grind it to extract its juice. A quarter cup of this juice can be mixed with one full cup of buttermilk and consumed once a day for up to 10 days.

b.To control urinary infection or frequent urination, it should be consumed twice a day by mixing with equal quantity of black sesame (kaala til) powder.

c.For problems like urine blockage or painful urination, 1 tbsp (tablespoon) of gokhru fruits and ½ tbsp of coriander (kothamir, dhania) seeds should be put in 400-450ml of water and cook till the volume is halved. This should be consumed twice a day, 2 tbsp each time for a few days.



d.If you have problems caused by increased uric acid in your body, take them with sonth (dry ginger), ashwagandha powder, and fenugreek (methi) seeds mixed in equal quantities, all in powdered form. By consuming this mixture twice a day for few days, the uric acid content in the body should begin to decrease.

3.Aids in muscle building:

We’ve seen above that the saponins in Gokhru increases the secretion of hormones,which helps in resolving weakness by helping improve the total immune system, and further helps in muscle building and increase in body strength. Grind the powder along with amla, bhringraj and mulethi, all in equal quantities, and consumed twice a day to notice benefits in a few days.

4.Blood Pressure reduction:

The hypotensive properties of Gokhru help in controlling high blood pressure. Regular consumption of Gokhru also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Mix ½ tbsp of Gokhru in a glass of warm water and leave it overnight. Consume this kadha of Gokhru water the next morning. Doing this will show considerable reduction in the blood pressure in a couple of months.
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