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Cinnamon Weight Loss : How much weight can you lose with cinnamon?


Cinnamon Tea/Cinnamon Water for weight Loss.

Cinnamon tea /cinnamon water  is an interesting beverage that may offer several health benefits. Cinnamon is made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, which curls into rolls while drying, forming the recognizable cinnamon sticks. These sticks are either steeped in boiling water, or ground into a powder that can be used to make the tea.

“Cinnamon, an ingredient commonly used in Indian food, can be highly beneficial in managing metabolic syndrome, research by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Institute of Home Economics (University of Delhi), and Fortis CDOC Hospital shows.”

What variety of cinnamon use for weight loss?

There are different varieties of cinnamon.  Based on the place grown there are hundreds of varieties of Cinnamon .Generally speaking 5 varieties of Cinnamon are more common. These are broadly classified into 2

Ceylon cinnamon or True cinnamon from cinnamon tree
Cassia cinnamon from cassia tree

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How to take cinnamon to lose weight?

  • For an effect on weight loss you should consume daily between 2 and 4 g of cinnamon powder
  • The easiest way is to add 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in your daily diet
  • For breakfast and desserts add directly to your preparations
  • As a drink in milk, smoothies, tea, juice etc.,
  • prepare yourself homemade slimming tea with cinnamon

To know more about cinnamon spice vanities’ Cinnamon (karuvappatta) – Different types of cinnamon Ceylon or true ,Cassia cinnamon…

Cinnamon honey water preparation – Cinnamon weight loss recipe

Cinnamon weight loss  drink Ingredients :

Heat the water without boiling it.
Add the cinnamon and honey then stir until the ingredients dissolve.
Drink it every morning and if possible in the evening, but with less cinnamon. For information, it is possible to replace the water with milk to prepare good cinnamon milk, just as delicious and good for your health.

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