Commandments to weight loss

Commandments to weight loss

commandments to weight loss

Trying too hard to lose unwanted kilos and not getting desired results? The answer is in the affirmative for most, because despite working out and following a diet we o not end up losing as much as we want to.  What many do not realise is that those seemingly little things that come to us as naturally as habit, might actually be the reasons we are putting on weight.  Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to see results in your weight loss programme

Step 1 – reaching food for all time

eat mini meals every two to three hours

Eat mini meals every two to three hours.  This keeps your metabolism up and your body does not end up storing fat.avoid grabbing that cookie/water or any finger food in between meals.  You can’t be actually hungry in less than two hours between meals.  If you do, take up any activity that can distract you, like opting for a quick walk.

Mindful eating is essential

When you are working and nibbling on French fries, you don’t realise when an entire large  pack is over.  One can avoid this by being mindful of what one eats.  Eat only when you are sitting down with your place and there is no television or computer or phone to distract you.  Mindfulness involves being in the moment so think of the texture,colour and taste of the food on your plate.  Chew every mouthful before you reach for the next morsel.

Eat only when hungry

eat only when hungry

Eating more than you actually need,is one the major reasons of putting on weight.  Nutritionists say that when sitting down for a meal, make sure you stop eating as soon as you are around 80% full, and not till you are bursting at your seams.  You should learn to recognise that you have overeaten when you don’t start to feel hungry in the next to to three hours (seeming to feel hungry due to stress or just craving for something is not proper hunger). If you feel full three hours after your last meal, then it means you have stuffed yourself during the previous meal.  Keep that in mind when you sit to eat again and stop before you are too full.

Stop eating stuff in tins, cans and plastic bags

stop eating stuff in tins cans

Gorging on over-processed food items, including those that are frozen,pickled and laced with preservatives will never allow you to lose weight.  Drinking pre-packed juices and foods that claim to be healthy could lead to unwanted consumption of salt and sugar both of which can be detrimental to your goal of weight loss.  Rather,eat real food like organic fruits and vegetables that can help your body to function at the optimum level And when that happens, your body stops storing fat and you are your lean salef without much struggle

Keep away from factors that encourage negative eating patterns

encourage negative eating patterns

If you stuff you refrigerator with food that is not healthy (but mighty be yummy) chances are you will end up having all of at a weak moment.  So do not stock any thing  that you know you shouldn’t be eating.  Also friends who urge you to have unhealthy snacks and meals should not be encouraged – stay away from them.  Opt instead for a supportive group of friends who also lead a healthy lifestyle

Slow and steady wins the race

walking-to-lose-weight slow and steady wins the race

Practice all the above habits every day.  Do not be hard on yourself and expect overnight results.  Consistently following a healthy lifestyle will always fasten your progress towards you goal of a better life If you miss to follow something once in while it is oaky just make sure you do it diligently the next time

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