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Ekanayakam-Salacia reticulata Traditional treatment for Diabeties

Ekanayakam1Ekanayakam or Salacia reticulata

Ekanayakam is also known as Salacia reticulata, Ponkaranti, Chinese Salacia, Koranti and Saptrangi.This plant is native to SriLanka and India.Found in the forests of India and SriLanka.Ekanayakam or Salacia reticulata is a woody climbing plant.This plant grows up to 4 metres .The branches of Salacia reticulata are blackish in colour.This grows in the temperate climate.Its root and stem are used for medicinal purposes.The roots of Salacia reticulata commonly described as bitter and acrid.

In Ayurveda, Salacia reticulata is mainly used as anti-diabetic.This is also used for many other diseases such as Liver Diseases, Colic, Inflammation , Rheumatism, Leprosy, Obesity etc.A decotion of root is used in amenorrhoea and dys menorrhoea venereal diseases

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Ekanayakam or Salacia reticulata Use in Diabetes

Ekanayakam or Salacia reticulata is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb.This has a highly potent anti-diabetic activity.Ekanayakam can prevent the additional uptake of carbohydrate from the intestine.The herb can manage the blood sugar level and also the weight of our body.Its root is rich in saponins.Saponin can help to lower the cholesterol level.

Ekanayakam is a source of Salaretin and mangiferin.Both of this helps to reduce the sugar level .And also protect the body from the effects of diabetes.Salacia reticulata also has other activities like increased insulin sensitivity and also prevent aldose reductase.The ayurvedic herb also exhibits anti-obesity, hypolipidemic, hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties.




The Salacia has an ability to prevent  intestinal alpha-glucosidase(a-glucosidase).Salcitical root bark extract exhibits a reduction in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and lowers the blood sugar.Salacia reticulata contains active ingredients like salacinol, kotalanol, kotalagenin-16 acetate and mangiferin.These ingredients have lots of actions for preventing blood sugar level.This includes the inhibition of a-glucosidase from the intestinal brush border , by this action it can slow down the carbohydrate break down into monosaccharides.




The a-glucosidase enzymes in our body breakdowns   oligosaccharides into monosaccharides.The extract of  Salacia reticulata binds to this enzyme.Thus it prevents its action of break down into glucose.this results in inhibition of release of glucose into the blood stream.Thus Ekanayakam maintains blood glucose level.

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