Excessive Hunger-Sign of Uncontrolled Diabetes


If your Blood Sugar Level remains higher than normal level, then it says you are suffering from Diabetes.This condition is due to the insufficient action of insulin hormone.It can be diagnosed by blood sugar checking.If the blood sugar level before food is greater than 125mg and after food is greater than 200mg then Diabetes is diagnosed.The disease can be there for years without any symptoms.There are Four Types of Diabetes they are Type 1,Type 2,Gestational  and Secondary Diabetes.

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Uncontrolled Diabetes leads to Excessive appetite



For Type 1   the excessive appetite is due to uncontrolled diabetes.Type 1  is caused by the high deficiency of insulin.Because of the deficiency of insulin in the body cells, the body cannot utilise glucose .Where glucose is the major compound in our body for producing energy.The unused glucose cannot be retained in our body.Here the glucose in the blood will be pouring out of the body through urine.This leads to the starvation of body cells for glucose.Even though there is a lot of glucose in our body.And this is called the “Starvation in the midst of plenty”.


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The type 1  is commonly found in children and young people.The starvation of glucose in the body cells stimulates some hormones and signal the brain to increase the signal for appetite.This is the reason for excessive hunger in type 1 diabetes.The intake of insulin and glucose level control can reduce hunger.For this, you have to adjust the insulin doses.



How can we Manage Excessive hunger???



Always choose healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods.Healthy foods include Sprouted legumes, fruits which contain low sugar, vegetables, healthy soups, salads including fresh vegetables or fruits, egg white, fish, nuts etc.And you must avoid foods such as Bakery items, fried items, roots, tubers, red meat etc.


Not to keep on eating throughout the day.Try to take 3 major meals and 3 mid meal snacks.


Check your sugar level regularly before every meal.And give adequate insulin according to carbohydrate counting and glucose level.

Try to avoid oily foods and the foods like rice ,roti or chappati etc.


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