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Green gram dal – combines health and beauty in nature

Green gram dal    a natural health and beauty product    

Green gram dal or also known as moong dal in India. It is a tiny circular shaped bean and is green in colour and has a sweet flavour. It is one of the best vegetarian foods and has amazing health benefits.This is also a highly potent beauty ingredient. It not only has several health benefits, but you can also use it as your beauty regime. Because it deals with skin problems such as acne and dry skin. Green gram protects you from diseases and also improves your hair and skin. Here are some of its health benefits and beauty benefits…

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Green gram dal -for health

Green gram  dal is filled with high fibre and nutrient content, and it offers a number of health benefits.

Weight Control
One cup of green gram has 15 grammes of fibre content. Fibre in food makes you feel satisfied.For each day when people eat an additional 14 grammes of fibre, they eat 10 percent fewer calories.Green gram dal 1

Blood Pressure
Eating a potassium-rich diet helps lower blood pressure .More than 10 percent of potassium recommended for a daily amount.This can be used for balancing your blood pressure

Source of Iron
One cup of green gram contains 2.83 milligrammes of iron. Combining your green gram with a vitamin C-rich food, such as peppers, helps with iron absorption.

Protects from skin cancer
Green gram can protect you from skin cancer. When you are constantly exposed to the rays of the sun and other environmental pollutants, it can cause damages to your skin .Green gram contains antioxidants in it .This helps you to protect from skin cancer.

Green gram for diabetes

Green gram dal – for skin and hair

Green gram dal powder can be used in summer season as a natural ingredients for your skin and hair.It is one of the best natural ingredients you can use on your face and hair in the summer.Green gram dal or moong dal is enriched with vitamins such as vitamins A and C and enzymes that rejuvenate the skin by nourishing and exfoliating it and it is a highly potent beauty ingredient.

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Green gram snacks

Face Pack with Green gram dal powder
Apply this pack every alternate day to give a healthy glow to your skin.

As powder for dry skinGreen gram dal powder
Green gram powder  paste can be used to moisturise your skin. It contains cell rejuvenating vitamins and enzymes which can moisture dry skin.

Powder for facial hair removal
Soak Green gram powder  paste with  some sandalwood powder ,some orange peel powder and  some milk can be used for natural  facial hair removal

Powder for natural bleaching
Green gram has antiseptic properties along with being cooling and soothing

Green gram dal  Prevents acne and pimples

Green gram dal helps prevents the pores of your skin from clogging up with oils or dirt. It can remove impurities from the skin pores and this makes your skin looking fresh and young.

Green gram dal pulse helps hair growth and also conditions the hair.
Green gram contains minerals and vitamins this can reduce hair breakage. The vitamin C and antioxidants can prevent hair loss.