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Jujube Fruits (Red date) – Health benefits and Medicinal Values

What is Jujube Fruits ?

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Jujube Fruit (Scientific name: Ziziphus jujuba) is also known as chinese date, red date or Indian date.  First discovered in southern Asia.  The fruit is oval shaped and has wrinkled skin when ripe for plucking.   This fruit is also source of many nutrients with plenty of health and medicinal benefits.

Red dates – Aids Sleep

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Jujube contains compounds that have a sedative effect and can be effectively used to combat insomnia. Another aspect of the fruit that is worth mentioning is that jujube is also known to have positive mental effects on people who suffer from anxiety. The fruit contains a compound called jujuboside A which is known to affect hippocampus of the brain and is effectively used in many parts of the world as a sleep aid

Boosts liver functioning

Our body is a wonderful example of organic structural brilliance. Having said this, it has to be noted that our bodies are by no stretch of the imagination, perfect. Sometimes the body feels oxidative stress as the free radical count of the body increases due to the lack of antioxidants in the body to counteract the increasing toxicity. Jujubes are essential in these situations as they contain oxidative elements that can fight this damage caused to the body

Increase Muscle and bone density

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Jujubes contain phosphorous and calcium in abundance and these minerals are well known for their ability to improve muscle growth and increase bone density. Also,the fruit is very low who are on a diet or looking to avoid weight pin

Enhances immunity

For human beings immunity is an aspect that cannot be taken for granted as we are a species that are naturally endowed with varying degrees of immunity.  What antioxidants do to the body is simple enough:they fight the free radicals that get released in our body due to different chemical processes.  Jujube is critical for the strengthening of our body’s immunity because the fruit contains a lot of antioxidants.  What’s ,more jujubes also contain other minerals such as manganese,phosphorous and iron which work in tandem to improve the immune system

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