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Kalchatti | Traditional Cooking Vessel | Stone Cookware – NatureLoC



Kalchatti are cooking vessels carved out of soapstone, a naturally occurring soft stone. Thick walled and heavy, they ensure slow and even cooking. Since they are porous, heat and moisture circulate through the pot while cooking, thereby enhancing the flavours. Traditionally used on wood stoves, these can also be used on the modern gas stove. It neutralise the pH balance of acidic food items and thus enhance their nutritional value. They can be used to prepare gravies, but not for dry preparations or sauteing.

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How to Cook in Kalchatti

Let the food cook slowly. Turn off the flame 4-5 minutes before the food is fully cooked. It will continue to cook slowly in the heat retained inside the vessel. The time taken to heat it is compensated when the slow cooking process continues even after the stove is switched off.

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Food cooked in old stoneware’s keep well for the next day as well without refrigeration. As the vessel ages, the cooking quality improves. Most important, it has to be seasoned before you start cooking in it.

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Even after seasoning, it should be introduced gently and slowly into daily cooking. Use on a low flame and don’t let the water dry while cooking. Periodically oil it and leave overnight before washing it in the morning.

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