Karkidam – As month for ayurveda rejuvenation therapies

Karkidam–  in malayalam month (July-August) is the time for preparing one’s spiritual, mental and physical health. Due to the climate changes in Karkidakam it is the time for preventive and rejuvenation therapies for human beings.

During this season the weak digestive power and turbid atmospheric water makes the digestive system more weak and as a result toxins will accumulate in the body. As per Ayurvedic Rithu charya guidelines Karkidaka is the time for panchakarma therapies and consuming Ayurveda medicines to detoxify and rejuvenating the internal organs.

As per the Malayalam calendar, karkidakom is the last month of malayala masa & it falls in the month of July or August. (July 17th 2017-Monday) With the starting of karkidakom, monsoon rainfall enters the final phase in Kerala. During Varsha Rtu (karkidakom), the strength & immunity will be very weak.Our general health, digestive power will be reduced remarkably due to drastic climatic changes. This could make the person even more disease prone. As per Ayurvedic principle; the root cause of each disease is ” agnimandya” (decreased digestive power). It will lead to production of “Amain”, in our body which further alter the equilibrium of Tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha) eventually ending up in health problems.

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Karkidam – Ayurveda rejuvenation therapies – Available rejuvenation therapies

Ayurveda lays emphasis on daily regimen and seasonal regimen as a part of which it signifies Month of karkidam—as month for ayurveda rejuvenation therapies. Changes in seasons cause many maladies. These can be tackled if one observes proper diet, lifestyle routines and undergo rejuvenation therapies thereby creating a harmony between environment and individual.

Rejuvenation therapies are aimed at;

  • Strengthening the body
  • Enhancing the immunity
  • Neutralizes the disease caused due to variation in seasons
  • An overall relaxation and positive attitude
  • How to prepare oushadha kanji 

Karkidaka Chikitsa : Monsoon Treatment in Ayurveda 

Another key aspect of monsoon rejuvenation is following Karkida kanji diet (medical gruel).This kanji is formulated with ingredients such as shashtika shali, dasapushpa, dasamoola, jeeraka, green gram (powdered) and it helps in

  • Restoring the normalcy of impaired Agni(digestive fire)
  • Cleanses the system internally
  • Pacifies the dosha(humors) imbalance and heals the body
  • Improves the bowel movement
  • Increases the metabolic rate and burns out extra fat
  • This medicated gruel should be taken for 7/14/21 days for better results.

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