Kerala Red Matta Rice -Traditional Staple Food Matta Rice

Kerala Matta Red Rice Unique gift of nature matta rice (kuthari)

Rices with a red bran layer are called red rices. In Asian countries,(Kerala Red Rice) where rice (Oryza sativa) is the staple food of more than two-thirds of the population, it has become a synonym of food itself. Rice is the other name of food for Asian countries.It is an important source of carbohydrates, energy and protein in human diet. In the traditional growing areas of Asia, rice varieties of various colors like red, purple, black, brown, yellow, and green have been cultivated and consumed. The coloured rice was preferred in earlier days due to taste and medicinal value.

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Kerala Red Rice കേരള നാടൻ കുത്തരി മട്ടയരി

Palakkad matta rice മട്ടയരി is cultivated traditionally in Palakkad District of Kerala and has very high content of nutrients and is very
unique in taste and color.

Different varieties of Palakkad Matta Under GI registry

Under GI registry there are 10 varieties of Palakkad Matta-Aryan, Aruvakkari, Chitteni, Chenkazhama,Chattadi, Thavalakkannan, Eruppu, Poochamban, Vattan Jyothiand Kunju kunju.


It is a coarse variety of rice with bold grains and red pericarp. The rice has got a unique taste. The coarse rice with red pericarp by itself ensures high content of nutrients. “Parboiling” of the rice further ensures retention of nutritional value.

It is also rich in fiber. The grains are grown on unique black cotton soil, derived from rocks rich in lime, peculiar to Palakkad. It is also cultivated in“Poonthalapadam” where the soil is heavy, containing 60-80% of clay and silt and possessing low permeability and having
high water holding capacity. These soils, the humid weather of
Palakkad, easterly winds that blow through the Palakkad gap, the
rivers that fl ow from the Western Ghats and the bright sunshine
determine the unique taste and quality of the Kerala Matta Rice.
Traditionally these varieties have been used in preparations of
rice-snacks like “Kondattam”, “Murukku” etc.

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