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Koova – (Arrow root ) – Payasam- Halwa – Traditional Food recipes

Arrow root (Koova podi ) Payasam

Arrow root (Koova podi ) Payasam

Delicious home made food recipes of Koova podi (arrowroot powder) for healthy family. 

Koova –  (Arrowroot) mostly used in Kerala as an energy drink for infants, children and also adults. It contains several minerals, vitamins and electrolytes. Its nourishing, an easily digestible value used as medicine for diarrhea, bowel complaints, dysentery, bronchitis etc. … .Koova podi is soft food for infants.

How to prepare Koova Payasam – (Arrowroot Payasam) –



  • Arrow root powder (Koova podi) – 4 table spoon
  • Jaggery/Panam sarkkara – 6 medium pieces
  • Banana – Poovan Pazaham – 2 Numbers
  • Coconut – 1/4 cup
  • Water : 6 glasses

  1. Cut banana into thin pieces
  2. Mix Arroroot powder (Koovapodi) in water stir well to dissolve it
  3. Add jaggery (jaggery liquid) ,grated coconut and thin banana pieces
  4. Put on gas stove stir it continuously till it ( Koovapodi mixture )become transparent and semi-solid

Delicious and tasty koovapayasam ready to eat

Koova podi Halwa – (Arrowrootpowder Halwa) Halwa preparation

Koova podi - (Arrowrootpowder) Halwa preparation- Method of cooking

Koova podi – (Arrowrootpowder) Halwa preparation- Method of cooking

  • Arrow root powder (Koova podi) – half cup (1/2 cup)
  • Jaggery/Panam sarkkara Powder or pieces – 3/4 cup or 6 medium pieces
  • Cashew nuts – Garnishing
  • Ghee – Two table spoon
  • Water

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Method of cooking

  1.  Heat Jaggery and water, boil them till jaggery dissolved
  2. Mix arrowroot/koova podi with water without lumps and cook this in medium flame, constantly stir till it glossy and thickens
  3. Add  jaggery syrup and mix them well and form  a mass
  4. Add ghee to this halwa in stir them till it leaves the sides of the pan
  5. Pour this halwa mixture in the greased plate and Level Square from all sides
  6. Cool for a while and cut into desired sizes and shapes

Koova plant Koova kizhang and koova powder (Arrowroot,arrowrootpowder,arroroot plant



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Koovapodi (Arrowroot Powder) – A Perfect Mix of Nutritional and Medicinal Values