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  • Malar (Puffed Rice or Popped Rice) – A whole-grain puffed product

Malar (Puffed Rice or Popped Rice) – A whole-grain puffed product

Malar (Puffed Rice or Popped Rice)

Malar (Puffed Rice or Popped Rice മലർ)  is  a whole-grain puffed product obtained from pre gelatinized milled parboiled rice, generally prepared from preconditioning of grains by hydro thermal treatment, followed by drying and milling. The milled grains are treated with salt water to an optimum moisture content, which is then subjected to puffing by sand roasting method.

Malar (മലർ) – commonly consumed as pastime snack

Puffed Rice is a commonly consumed commodity as a pastime snack. It can be used in combination with nuts such as groundnut or roasted and salted cashews; with fried gram with jaggery and coconut gratings, or dusted with salt and spices after enrobing with oil. Since the product is easily digested and  assimilated, it finds a wide acceptance among a cross section of the households. It is a versatile product with an excellent market potential.

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Malar (മലർ) – Uses – health benefits

Puffed rice is used in snack foods and breakfast cereals, and is also a popular street food in some parts of the world. It is an ingredient of bhel puri,a popular Indian chaat item. It is also used in temples and gurudwaras as prasad.

In temples of South Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it is used as an offering. Famous pilgrims of Sabarimala uses puffed rice or Malar in their Irumudikkettu along with jaggery and is offered to Lord Ayyappan.

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Health benefits of using  popped rice is also well known, water boiled with malar is given as a refreshing drink in ayurvedic medications. Porridge or Kanji made of Puffed rice is known to be a great rejuvenator.


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