Musk Melon seeds – Cantaloupe/Muskmelon/Kharbuja

Musk melon is a beautiful, juicy, tasty and delicious fruit

musk melon health benefits pharmacological

Musk melon is a beautiful, juicy, tasty and delicious fruit popular for its nutritive and medicinal properties. The Cucurbitaceae family includes squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, Musk melons, watermelons, and gourds. Cucumis melo (Cantaloupe or Musk melon) is one of the most important cultivated cucurbits, which is native to India and Africa. It is a spreading, annual, more or less hairy vine. It grows well in all the tropical and subtropical areas of the world, but prefers hot climate.
Musk melon is recommended for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, as a diuretic, stomachic, anti-tussive and as a vermifuge.

Melon seeds  Pharmacological Effects – Medicinal values – Health benefits

melon seeds health benefits


Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory activity

The methanolic extract of Cucumis melo seeds possesses potent analgesic property. Carrageenan induces accumulation of leukocytes in the pleural cavity. High antioxidant activity was observed in the leaf and stem extracts of cantaloupe.

Anti-ulcer activity The methanolic extract of Cucumis meld seeds exhibited anti-ulcerogenic activity. The mechanism of its gastro-protective activity may be attributed to reduction in vascular permeability, scavenging of free radicals and diminished lipid peroxidation along with strengthening of mucosal barrier. Presence of triterpenoids and sterols are responsible for these actions.

Hepto -Protective effect , Diuretic effect ,anti -diabetic activity ….


Traditional Uses  of musk melon -melon seeds 



musk melon medicinal values

• Help in maintaining kidney functions

• Reduce blood pressure and prevent cardiac dysfunction

• Possess anti-rheumatic and anti-gout properties

• Fruit pulp is employed as a lotion for chronic and acute eczema.

• The fruit can be used as a cooling agent, cleansing agent or moisturiser for the skin.
• The fruits are used as a first aid treatment for burns and abrasions.

• The flowers have expectorant property.

• The fruit is stomachic and demulcent.

• The seed is antitussive, febrifuge and vermifuge.

• As an immunomodulatory agent

Other  Uses

The seed kernels have been used as the basis for a number of soups and stews where they act as a thickening, emulsifying, fat binding and flavouring agents. The seed kernels are used as a dressing for breads, cakes, confectionary and snack foods, often instead of almonds and pistachios. Musk melon seeds can be substituted as an alternative to soybean for milk preparation. Musk melon is applied for removing tan and freckles. The flesh of the fruit can be dried, ground into a powder and used with cereals for making bread, biscuits etc.

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