Oats: What is Oats? What is its health benefits?


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What is Oats?

Oat is one of a very famous cereal grain cultivated for its seeds, scientifically known as Avena sativa. These are used for human consumption as oatmeal and as rolled oats. These are usually cultivated in temperate regions and are used a common livestock feed. As compared to other cereal varieties, oats have a relatively low summer heat requirement and higher tolerance towards rain.  Hence, these grains are even cultivated in the cool and wet summers of North-western Europe and even in Iceland. Since it is an annual plant, oat can be planted either in autumn or in the spring seasons.

How can we include oats in our diet?

Last few decades saw the rise in popularity in oats consumption and the awareness regarding the health benefits of using oats in our daily diet. Oats are mainly consumed as a porridge recipe, as one of an ingredient in breakfast cereals and also in baked food products.  Including fruits and nuts varieties in your oatmeal would increase the nutritional content. Use of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can add up its flavour.

Health benefits of having oats in our diet

Including oats in our daily diet can contribute to a wide range of health benefits. Some of the beneficial qualities are

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  • For general health

The presence of proteins and the higher concentration of nutritional components make it a unique cereal. Good balance of essential fatty acids is considered to have a link with general health and longevity. Compared to many other grain varieties, oats has the highest concentration of amino acids which in turn is an essential component required for optimum body functions.

  • Play a positive role for a healthy heart

Oats, as we know is a good source of soluble fibres, which has been linked to a healthy heart. As per the studies, potassium and calcium present in oats can play a positive role in reducing blood pressure levels. Having a controlled blood pressure level will do good for our heart health. Thus, the inclusion of oats in our diet would encourage an improved heart health.

  • Good for your skin

Having a power food like oats would provide a soothing effect against itching and skin irritation. According to some of the studies, oatmeal consumption would normalize the pH level of the skin and provides relief for an itchy and uncomfortable skin. This is the reason why doctors recommend the oatmeal baths for the people suffering from itchy skin, it would soften and moisturize the skin and can protect the skin from the attacks of the potential irritants.