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Putharichunda, Cheruchunda (Poison berry) Cure for Respiratory Disorders


Putharichunda(പുത്തരിച്ചുണ്ട or Cheruchunda /Poison berry)

Putharichunda(പുത്തരിച്ചുണ്ട or Poison berry) is shrub with thorns.This grows about 1.5 metres height.The leaves of the plant are ovate and contain thorns on both the surfaces.The flowers of Poison berry are pale blue or white in colour.Its branches end with fruits.The fruits are in clusters and are green in colour.When it is ripened it becomes orange.



Its scientific name is Solanum anguivi Lam.And is also known as tutavalam,putricunta, puttacunta, tudavalam(in Malayalam), Climbing eggplant (in English).Poison berry is found in South America, Brazil, Sri Lanka and southern India.The plant contains alkaloids, steroids, saponins, flavonoids.And the leaves are the rich source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates, fat, crude fibre and minerals.




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Medicinal Uses of Putharichunda(പുത്തരിച്ചുണ്ട or Cheruchunda /Poison berry)

For respiratory Disorders



The Root, Fruit, leaf and the whole plant is used for medicinal purposes.The plant is mainly used to treat throat and respiratory tract disorders.This can prevent the chronic disorders.The juice of the fruit and leaves mixed with honey is used for the treatment of Asthma.This is because of its anti-inflammatory property.Then its anti-microbial activity can reduce other infections.The leaves of Poison berry(പുത്തരിച്ചുണ്ട) can be used for cold and coughs.The juice of this leaves is taken for this.




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For Other Diseases

  • The juice of the plant can be used for the treatment of ringworms,gout and earache.
  • The juice of the plant with vinegar can be used for mouthwash.
  • The root of the plant exhibits anti-inflammatory property.This is by activating the protein Kinase C.
  • It has an anti-oxidant property.So it prevents lipid peroxidation of cells.
  • Putharichunda(പുത്തരിച്ചുണ്ട)can prevent the growth of bacterias such as E. coli, Streptococcus sp., and K. pneumonia.This shows its anti-microbial activity
  • Poison berry can be used in diabetes.The ethanolic extract of the plant can lower the blood glucose level .Putharichunda(പുത്തരിച്ചുണ്ട) controls the level of cholesterol .
  •  A decoction of root is used in difficult delivery in Ayurveda in the form of tonic


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