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Rose water – Perfect Skin Tonic – How to make rose water at home ?

Rose water – Powerful as a medicinal drink

Rose-water natureloc rose water

Rose water along with being very good for the skin is a very cooling drink for the heat. Roses are very immune and give great immunity. One master Yogi said it is so powerful as a medicinal drink that it can ride through a death. They are so high in vitamin C that one spoonful of rose water is said to equal something like 10 oranges !.

Indian food is know for its use of heady spices and strong flavours.  Along with hot curries and rich meats,we also have a taste for delicate dishes and subtle fragrances.

How to prepare rose water at home ?

rose-water-home made natureloc

The process seemed rather easy.  The most important thins was where one sourced the blooms from.  Organically cultivated roses are the safest choice for obvious reasons.  Another was the flower variety.  The most commonly variety for rose water and rose oil is the Rosa damascena to which the Indian gulab belongs.  There are two ways to making rose water.  One in which the water is simmered for 20 minutes until the petals lose their colour.  Once the liquid cooled,the petals are strained.  Nothing prepared me for the intense colour.  The water turns deep bright pink.


rose-water-sensitive-skin natureloc home made rose water

Homemade rose water

  • Organic edible roses – 7 to 8
  • Distilled water – 2 cups
  • Glass or Ceramic bowl


  • Remove the petals from the stem and wash throughly in cold water.  Place in the bowl.
  • Heat distilled water until it simmer gently.
  • Pour over the rose petals.
  • Cover and let steep for about five hours or overnight.
  • Strain and pour into a sterile glass bottle. Refrigerate

Choose the most fragrant blooms to make rose water.  The best cure all for the skin is natural real water . Try to make your rose water from natural water.Rose water is a very kind skin tonic. Treating the skin from the inside out is most effective.Drinking roses is mostly more helpful than putting it on your skin but rose water is wonderful for insides and out.

Rose water is Age defying and moisturising for inside the body along with the skin – they make you look and feel youthful from the inside out. Roses help balance the water in the body so they are very helpful for dry skin to be baby like moist again.

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