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  • Sandesh – Delicious and simple mix of fresh paneer and powdered sugar

Sandesh – Delicious and simple mix of fresh paneer and powdered sugar

Sandesh – An appreciated sweet recipes of Bengali Cuisine

sandesh method of preparation

An easy home made  sandesh recipe requires just three ingredients . Its taste is sweet with mild aromatic flavor of cardamom.  Very easy to make and to give it your custom touch to make your festivals occasions special

Ingredients For Paneer

  • Milk – 2litres
  • Lemon juice/ vinegar- 4 tsp

paneer for sandesh preparation







Step by step preparation 

Boil milk. Stir occasionally so that the skin does not form on the surface.
When the milk starts boiling, add lemon juice or vinegar.
If the milk It not yet begun to curdle then add teaspoon more.
As soon as the milk curdles remove from fire and strain a muslin cloth.
Keep a bowl beneath  the cloth, the collected whey can be added to chapattis or veggies.
Collect the cloth together with the coagulated milk tightly.
Place it on a plate and keep a weight on top of the cloth.
Check after 40 minutes. The paneer would be set.
Once cooled cut paneer into cubes or any shape.
You can also refrigerate the paneer.
Keep in an airtight container or immerse the paneer block in a bowl of water and keep in the fridge.
Paneer stays fresh for 3- 4 days.
This paneer would weigh approximately 500 grams

sandesh preparation step by step

Other ingredients


Knead the paneer until it almost rolls into smooth soft dough.
Add the powdered sugar and cardamom powder into the paneer and knead the paneer again until sugar is mixed well.
Next, on a low heat cook the paneer mixture stirring continuously until I the paneer mixture starts coming together as soft dough, about 6 to 7 minutes.
Turn off the heat and mixing the i paneer like you are making the a dough.
This is the most important step to this dish
you are cooking the paneer to take out the rawness.
Overcooking will make it crumbly.
Divide the paneer into 24 equal parts and roll them into balls.
Garnish with a drop of saffron paste putting pistachio over it.
Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

sandesh bengali sweet recipes


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