Sleep – the part of the rhythm of life and the life cycle

Sleep – the part of the rhythm of life and the life cycle


During sleep we can process information, consolidate memories,and undergo a number of maintenance processes that help us to function during the daytime. We all need to make sure we get the right amount of sleep, and enough good quality sleep.Sleep and health are strongly related,poor sleep can increase the risk of having poor health, and poor health can make it harder to sleep. Common mental health problems like anxiety and depression can often underpin sleep problems

What is Sleep? How Much Sleep Is Enough? Why sleep is important?

Sleep affects how children feel and function. By helping your child to get the recommended amount of sleep, you can improve your child’s health, psychological well‐being, and safety. Sleep is key to your child’s growth and development  as well as his/her ability to learn.

Sleep was long considered just a block of time when your brain and body shut down.Your brain and body functions stay active throughout sleep,but different things happen during each stage. For instance, certain stages of sleep are needed for us to feel well rested and energetic the next day, and other stages help us learn or make memories.

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

  • Preschool aged children 10‐12 hours\
  • School‐aged children At least 9 hours
  • Adolescents (Teens) 9 hours
  • Adults 7‐8 hours

Sleep – Rapid Eye Movement (REM) S leep and and Non-REM sleep (with three different stages)

Typically, sleep begins with non-REM sleep.

  • Non-REM sleep – Stage -1 , you sleep lightly and can be awakened easily by noises or other disturbances. During this first stage of sleep, your eyes move slowly, your muscles relax, and your heart and breathing rates begin to slow.
  • Non-REM sleep – Stage -2, which is defined by slower brain waves with occasional bursts of rapid waves. You spend about half the night in this stage.
  • Non-REM sleep – Stage -3, your brain waves become even slower, and the brain produces extremely slow waves almost exclusively

Healthy Sleeping Practices – Healthy sleep habits are important for everyone.Starting healthy sleeping practices as infants will help them form healthy lifelong patterns.