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The role of chicken in healthy diets – Health benefits

Meats – 2 Types – Red meat and White meat

chicken health benefits

Meats are of two types – red and white. And both these types of meat are identified by their colour. white meat includes chicken’ fish and turkey’ And among these, chicken and fish are the most commonly consumed white meats in the country

Chicken delivers important nutrients

Lean chicken meat is an excellent source of protein,has a favourable ratio of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids and delivers essential vitamins and minerals. The health impact of chicken is linked to its nutritional composition and the interactions of those nutrients within the food.Compared to other meat sources, stir-fried lean chicken breast has the lowest total fat content.

Chicken contributes to nutrient requirements

Lean chicken meat is a good source of protein, and its high protein content may support efforts at weight management. It is also a low cholesterol meat choice that contains essential fatty acids and is a source of minerals and essential vitamins,particularly vitamin E, vitamin A equivalents and thiamin,and delivers significant amounts of niacin equivalents, an important nutrient for energy metabolism

Nourishment From Chicken

chicken meat white meat health benefits

Builds Muscles:This white meat is low in fat but rich in proteins. Those who want to build muscle and add bulk should eat a lot of boiled chicken.

Keeps Bones Healthy:

The phosphorus and calcium content in chicken  keeps bones healthy. Therefore, it isespecially good for women who are prone to weak bones.

Keeps The Heart Healthy:

Though chicken has cholesterol, it also has niacin which helps lower cholesterol. So, if you pick lean pieces of chicken and eat them without adding oil or butter, it is healthy for the heart.

Helps Children Grow:

chicken fresh meat with leaves

Chicken is a one of the best foods for growing children as it has a lot of amino acids that helps the child grow tall and strong

Reduces Risk Of Arthritis:

Chicken is rich in selenium and this mineral cuts the risk of developing arthritis later on in life.

Relieves Stress:

Chicken has vitamin 85 or pantothenic acid which has a calming effect on the nerves. So, if you are stressed out, grilled chicken is the best remedy.

Soothes PMS Symptoms:

The magnesium In chicken helps one cope with pre-menstrual stress. The “magnesium levels in the blood get reduced just before the start of a period. Eating chicken helps compensate for this

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