Utensils- The cooking utensils of Kerala-Earth-Stone-Metal

Utensils -The best known Malayali cooking utensil is the Uruli made of bell metal.  It is circular,squat and wide-mouthed and comes in many sizes.  Uruli is commonly used for serving food, and also for small scale cooking like preparing side dishes. It has polished interior and exteriors, and enchanting looks.

Uruli Now Urulis with bronze carvings are used for interior decoration in luxury hotels, corporate offices, visiting halls of houses etc. Nowadays many luxury hotels use Urulis to serve food for their guests, as Urulis have majestic and hygienic looks apart from its tradition, and is easy to clean and maintain. Besides, it can withstand and maintain heat for a longtime, which helps the hoteliers to use Urulis as a casserole.

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Varppu – A large pan made of bronze

The other metallic utensils are the charakku,a large round cauldron with handles on either side of the rim. And the vaarpu a large pan made of bronze. All these utensils are used to make payasam,sambar and kari,except kaalan,pachadi and kichadi and chutneys and pickles as they are sour.  These dishes are made in a kalchatti,carved out if soft stone,with a mouth wider than its base.  Generally,a kalchatti us a tall utensil with the  height being more than the circumference.

The uruli,charakku and kalchatti get hot gradually and retain heat for some time,hence they are used for cooking everything except rice

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Spatulas – Ladles – wooden

Various long handles metal spatulas of different types are used for stirring payasam and sambar.  Generally wooden ladles re used for the vegetables so as not to bruise them and to transfer rice from the chembu into the serving baskets

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 Dosa Kallu (Iron Thava)-Appa Chatti-Sevanazhi and Puttu Kutti

Malayali cuisine also uses the appachatti for making appam and iron tawa for making dosa.The sevanazhi or idiappam press for idiyappam and for the puttu kutti for puttu.

Sevanazhi for making indiappam is a metal tube with a diametre of sx to seven centimetres.  The base has a circular ridge to hold a disc.  There are several of these discs,each with different sized holes in them.  The sevanazhi is made in brass or stainless steel

Puttukutti is a tubular utensil approximately 18 to 26 centimeters in height with a diametre of six to seven centimetres.  A circular ridge at the base holds a disc with holes in it.  Rice flour and grated coconut are filled into the tube.  and a close-fitting cap,with two or three holes in t,is put on the top.  The puttukuuti is then inserted into a long necked utensil containing water.


Earlier,the puttukutti was made by using a piece of bamboo(a natural tube) of the appropriate size,or bell metal.  If bamboo was used a piece of coir rope was wound around it for most of its length.  This prevented the bamboo from expanding and cracking in the heat and enables users to handle it without scorching their hands.  Today, the puttu kutti is made of stainless steel or aluminium.

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