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What is coconut oil good for? pros and cons of coconut oil (velichenna)

Coconut oil (Velichenna) is among the best oils in the world that can be used for multiple purposes like cooking, eating, hair massaging, body massaging etc. Its just a wonderful gift of nature for us.  What is Coconut oil Velichenna good for? Is coconut oil good for cooking? Is coconut oil healthy or not? many doubts in mind while we thinking coconut oil.  No need to worry.

Really I don’t like the terms good oil or healthy or unhealthy as they apply to foods. All cooking oils or foods have some degree of nutrition, that is why it is called food.  A major ingredient in our food is oil, which is used for cooking most of the things we eat. But many people are often confused as to which cooking oils they should use for regular consumption.  Is it safe to take coconut oil everyday? one teaspoon of coconut oil every once in a blue moon will have zero effect on you, whereas consuming a quart of it every day could be an entirely different story.

Here’s How to Be Sure You’re Buying Online the Best Coconut Oil Possible

Pros and cons of coconut oil (velichenna) –  വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ ഗുണവും ദോഷവും

Is coconut oil healthy or not? Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for You? Coconut Oil Velichenna is now considered one of the best  multipurpose oil by some of today’s  nutritionists, scientists and chefs.

Pros of coconut oil

What to look for when shopping for coconut oil ? 

Is it food-grade? gluten free, refined or unrefined  coconut oil is naturally gluten-free. If you’re buying pure coconut oil, you don’t have to seek out a certification to ensure a gluten-free product.

Store coconut oil in a cool dark location in a sealed container or in the refrigerator. The shelf life will vary, depending on the type of processing and how it is stored. Refined coconut oil generally lasts for a few months, whereas virgin coconut oil may last for 2-3 years if stored properly away from heat and light. Signs of spoilage include mold, a yellow tint, or “off” odors or flavors.

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