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What is Organic food? Why organic food is healthier choice ?

What is Organic food?

Why organic food is healthier  choice ?

organic farm -vegetable health benefits

Organic products are produced and processed without the use of synthetic and persistent pesticides,synthetic fertilizers,grown hormones,artificial ingredients and preservatives and genetic engineering. Considering its immense benefits,organic food is steadily gaining in importance.  Also,due to an increased awareness about eating healthy,there is a preference for pesticide-free and nutrient rich food.

Health  benefits of organic foods

No pesticides and chemicals

no-pesticides in organic foods

These food items are not grown with he help of any chemicals,pesticides or additives.  Hence,there is no risk of developing diseases by consuming organic foods.Conventional food items contain a lot of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can cause various diseases in humans.  Organic good are grown reared using nature fertilisers and pest repellents,which pose-zero risk to the human body


Packed with vitamins and proteins

Organic fruits and vegetables contain 27 %  more vitamin C,21.1 percent more iron,29.3 %more phosphorous and 18% more polyphenols as compared to non organic food

High antioxidant value fresh and healthy

As organic vegetables, fruits and meat have no preservatives and depend on farm to table supplies,they are fresh and healthy to eat.  They are also not stored in a processing unit for days or weeks

veggies- packed with vitamins and proteins

Keeps one youthful

These foods helps one stay young and energetic as they contain loads of proteins that prevent premature ageing.  Organic foods like eggs are full of nutrients and are packed with proteins,hence its best to include these in one’s daily diet.

Boosts the internal body system

Flavonoids are the major component of organic vegetables and fruits.  They improve the cardiovascular system,lesson blood pressure and arterial plaque.

vegetables with organic vegetable

Prevent diseases -Deals with depression

Organic foods like cabbage,brussels,sprouts,broccoli and cauliflower are packed with indoles and isothiocyanates that are instrumental in preventing breast,colon and skin cancer

A glass of organic milk a day is effective in reducing the risk of depression,stroke and other ailments


Helps keep the stomach healthy

With its high water content and less fat levels,organic foods help in keeping the tummy and muscles fit and healthy.

Helps build strong bones

Organic vegetables are loaded with vitamin K.  This vitamin produces osteocalcin in the body that strengthens the bones.  It also other relief to women during their  menstruation period.

Improves hair texture – Promotes beautiful skin

improves hair texture and prmotes skin smooth organic foods

Organic crops rich in vitamin A,Vitamin C and calcium and iron act as a natural conditioners for the hair.  These help in making the hair shinier

Higher levels of vitamin D in these foods helps make the skin radiant.  Yellow fruits and vegetables like carrots,oranges,apricots and sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin C.  This generates more collagen, thus retaining skin elasticity.