Jackfruit Puttu Powder / Chakka Puttu Podi

Puttu or steamed rice cake is a popular breakfast dish of South India. Puttu served with banana, kadala curry, payar curry or pappadam are great combinations.

Jackfruit Puttu / Chakka Puttu

Jackfruit or chakka puttu podi is a highly fibre rich flour to make a healthy and filling breakfast presented by NatureLoC. Green Jackfruit Flour is perfectly mixed with steamed rice flour to make the dish healthy and tasty. Its 100% natural and helps to control blood sugar.

Jackfruit Puttu Preparation

  • Take a glass of NatureLo cPuttu Powder and add pinch of salt to taste. Pour water little by little to wet the flour like coarse bread crumbs. When you press the dough in your palms, it should hold shape.
  • You can check whether the amount of water is right, just take some mixture in your hand and press it with the palm. If the mixture holds together and breaks in an instant, yo can be sure that the amount of water added is right.
  • If mixture doesn’t hold together and breaks at the same time you can sprinkle more water until it reaches the specified state
  • Add some sugar with 1/4 portion of grated coconut to have a sweet mixture.
  • In the puttu maker (cylindrical or oval shaped vessel / bamboo puttu maker / chiratta puttu maker) add the grated coconut as the first component. Above the grated coconut add the prepared moist jackfruit puttu mixture. Add this up to half of the vessel.
  • Add some grated coconut. Fill the remaining portion with the jackfruit puttu mixture. At the top add a thin layer of sweet grated coconut.
  • Close the lid of the vessel and steam it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove from the mould to a plate and serve warm with bananas or kadala curry or fish molly for better taste.+

Jackfruit Puttu Benefits

  • Rich in soluble fibre
  • Filled with antioxidants
  • Helps to control blood sugar
  • High Nutrition’s and dietary fibre

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