Ammikallu / Grindstones/ Arakallu / Hand Grinder

Ammikallu, Arakallu

Ammikallu, also known as ammikal, Arakallu, Hand Grinder, ammi kal, or sil batta, was the grinding tool of choice in South Indian Villages before the food processor era began.Ammikallu or Grindstones are primarily used for grinding ingredients like wet spices, vegetables, coconut etc to get a paste, which is later used in preparing delicious dishes.


The ingredients are placed on the surface of the flat stone and a cylindrical stone is rolled back and forth to grind the ingredients to obtain a thick paste, unlike with a mortar and pestle where the ingredients are more pounded. The fresh masala (blend of spices) prepared on ammikallu has a unique, earthy flavor that is unbeatable!

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