Baby Care – The daily routine of the baby

Baby Care – The daily routine of the baby

Baby care , every child possesses a vital, sensitive, and developing personality. It is always independent in its behaviour and its relations. It too has characteristic feelings of likes and dis-likes, love and hate. And to understand and concede these facts is not enough. The mother should also willingly accept these facts, and act upon them, responding appropriately to the child’s feelings and actions. As the body and the mind of the child develop it develops certain inclinations and tendencies too.

There is so much information to take in when you become a parent. Here we take you through some of the daily basics of baby care.  Its self-respect and its own individuality are dear to the child. Instead of insisting on discipline and implicit obedience to rules, the mother should be prepared to modify rules in consonance with the convenience and the needs of the child. Nearly all child psychologists agree that love, security and the satisfaction of basic needs are essential for the balanced development of every child. As its faculties develop, it should be allowed progressively greater latitude as well.

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Baby care Tips -Eating, drinking, dressing

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Eating, drinking, dressing by itself without help are important for the development of the independent personality of the child. Praise and encouragement in these activities are also necessary. Just as grown-ups are busy with their own personal and social activities for the whole day, the baby too has certain routine and essential activities, and the mother should take care to see that the baby is helped in carrying them out

Daily routine –  Your baby’s daily care

When the baby wakes up in the morning, give it a loving look and a smile, and pick it up with affection.  Stroke its head to console and pacify it. Change its clothes, as usually during long periods of sleep the baby is sure to have wetted them. Wipe the face and the body of the baby with clean cloth wrung out in warm water. Feed it, whether with breast milk or a substitute, in an unhurried and peaceful manner. A child is always fresh and cheerful in the morning. The mother should add to its cheer by her affectionate behaviour. Some babies wake up unusually early or late in the morning. This should be accepted as natural.

Bathing the baby : How and when 

Baby bath baby massage

The best time to bathe the baby is between 8.00 and 10.00 in the morning. This can be considered convenient for the mother too. But the baby should never be bathed just after feeding, and preferably never within half an hour before or after a, feed. The bath water should be comfortably warm. All parts of the body including the genitals must be cleaned thoroughly, but care should be taken

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