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Sleeping habits – Newly born babies and premature or weak babies

Sleeping habits :Newly born babies and premature or weak babies

Generally, sleeping habits of  a  born baby sleeps for 20 to 22 hours in a day. Weak and premature babies sleep even more. As the baby grows older, the hours it spends in sleeping generally decrease. A six months old baby sleeps for 18 hours out of 24. But a one-year-old baby sleeps for only about 14 to 16 hours in a day.

Eating, drinking, dressing by itself without help are important for the development of the independent personality of the child. Praise and encouragement in these activities are also necessary. Just as grown-ups are busy with their own personal and social activities for the whole day, the baby too has certain routine and essential activities, and the mother should take care to see that the baby is helped in carrying them out

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Baby Care – The daily routine of the baby

After ascertaining the requirements of her baby for sleep, the mother should make up a timetable, keeping in view her convenience, and that of the baby as well. For instance, if she is required to work in the kitchen from eight to ten in the morning, she should form the habit of waking up the child at about six in the morning. She may allow the baby to play in the for some time, feed it, see to its elimination processes, bathe it, and then put it to bed again.

Baby Bath and Baby Massage -Traditional method

The baby will then naturally sleep for three to four hours. Unless it becomes necessary for some reason, do not let the baby get into the habit of being rocked to sleep in a cradle or 2 swings. If all its needs are attended to, the environment is favourable, and noise pollution is minimised,the baby will be able to maintain regular sleeping habits

Another factor that helps the baby to sleep peacefully is clothing suitable to the weather and the climate. If it is troubled by flies or mosquitoes,a mosquito net should be used

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