Vasthu-Vilakku- Mythological beliefs behind Vastu Vilakku

Vasthu-Vilakku (Vastu Vilakku) – Principles behind vastu vilakku

Vasthu-Vilakku- The Vasthu Shastra principles for house constructions, founded by our Acharyas, are widely believed and accepted to pave the way for material and spiritual prosperities. This confluence of their inner vision carries various scientific dogmas like the characteristics of land, principles of measurement and other intricate findings.

Vasthu-Vilakku-This amazing piece with intricate design is built based on the secret mantra


Vasthu Vilakku, designed on the basis of strong Vasthu lessons. The religious belief is that ,By installing this lamp in our house, we can assure you that all problems and dangers that might have surfaced due to the construction errors can be erased.The lamp offers ultimate peace, happiness and untold prosperities for your family. This amazing piece with intricate design is built based on the secret mantra enumerated in the Peeta Pooja.

The omnipotent presence of similar mantras and the all embracing efficacy of Vasthu science are masterfully blended into the making of this lamp.  It has always been exhorted that the Prapancha (Universe) is held by Anantha.  The belief also goes that this infinite universe in all its diversity and power is held by Anantha.  As a symbolic representation of this Tantric concept ,a pavithra design has been moulded upon the top portion of this lamp.  Human mind passing through the concepts of Anantha,Koorma and Padma is expected to enter the Yoga Bhava.

Vasthu Vilakku Measurements and Ideas

The measurements and ideas behind the Vasthu Vilakku create this inexplicable state of ecstasy and knowledge so essential for an ideal family.  The lamp is designed upon the rare tantric vision that the Panchabhootas join themselves to streamline towards a focal point

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Aranmula Mirror-Vastu-Vilakku-Thooku Vilakku 

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