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Bamboo Rice (Mulayari) – Hidden Tribal Secret Revealed

Bamboo Rice –  Moongil arisi – Mulayari -From fruit and flower to cooked ricebamboo-rice plant nature loc

What is Bamboo Rice (Mulayari)  – Bamboo Rice – highly nutritious – A wide range of delicious food

Bamboo rice is collected by the tribes residing in the forest from the seeds of flowers, bamboo, is known for its highly nutritive qualities,rich medicinal values. A very good substitutes for the polished white paddy rice.  Bamboo rice (Mulayari) has become an important and major source of income for tribals living in the forests. Nature keeps all its treasures hidden deep inside her. From the heart of nature a rare and lesser know seed is being introduced “bamboo rice” these seed are gathered from the jungles of tropical rain forest, bamboos trees which are known to be the tallest of herb grasses which grow in tropical rain forests.

Some species of bamboos only bloom with flowers once in 40-60 years and often die after flowering. They compensate this by releasing huge amounts of flowers and seeds, one of many mechanisms that nature employs to ensure the survival of certain species.

Bamboo rice is not commonly available due to the reason that it takes many years for an aged plant to flower which is unpredictable as these may vary from few years to 100 years for a bamboo plant to flower.

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 Nature’s Hidden Treasures Bamboo Rice

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This short-grain rice is infused with bamboo extract, contributing the health benefits of chlorophyll and a rich green colour that’s retained when cooked. The grain is obtained from bamboo tree, which is the tallest herbs in the tropical forests. Some bamboo tree species only flower once in fifty to sixty years and often die after flowering.  Bamboo Rice is an all natural, short-grain Asian rice that has been infused with Bamboo juice. This infusion imparts the beautiful jade green colour and a slight jasmine green tea flavour.

Bamboo Rice -The Green Gold -Amazing health secrets behind bamboo rice

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 Bamboo Rice – highly nutritious –  medicinal properties, in Ayurveda ,Health values,Nutritional aspects

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The name bamboo rice is also given to a short-grain rice that is infused with bamboo juice. This practice is prevalent more in the West. This imparts a green colour and that is very different. The bamboo rice goes very well with our South Indian curries, rasams and even curd. It is available in Tamil Nadu where it is called ‘moongil arisi’. It is cooked in the same manner as regular rice is cooked

The bamboo rice is sweet, pungent,nutritious and strong . It cures kapha, pitta dosha, removes toxic substances from the body and cures the disease in which the vital humors of the body are excreted through urine.

The nutritious and health value of bamboo rice is very remarkable. It is more healthy to have bamboo rice than the rice from paddy .Seeds used to treat menstrual disorders, respiratory diseases and infections.  Its rich content of proteins controls back pain,joints pain and rheumatic pain.The other medicinal and health benefits are Controls sugar, cholesterol and Blood pressure.Good for Pregnant women to overcome vitamin deficiency

Bamboo Rice Availability – How to prepare Bamboo Rice Food – Where do we get original Bamboo Rice How to use bamboo rice -Role in ayurvedic  treatment – Can Bamboo Rice Increase Fertility

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