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10 Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips You Need To Follow For Instant Results

Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips

Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips

Tired of asking relatives and doctors on how to gain weight ? Don’t have time for that ? Then you have landed up on the right page! Today we are going to quickly say you 10 Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips you need to follow for effective results. Keep reading to know more.

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You will find way too much information on how to lose weight, but rarely once in a blue moon you will land up on weight gain article! Why? Well majority of the people find it difficult to lose weight, rather than bulk up some kilos. But gaining weight is equally difficult like losing. We will show you 10 Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips to gain weight in a healthy and balanced way. Furthermore, you can rely on Ayurveda for some solutions to put on weight the right way. The best part of this process is; it determines your optimal weight not by the numbers on the weighing scale, but by the body constitution. Heard of the word – Kapha, Vata, Pitta ? The Ayurvedic approach is healthy, simple and holistic along with being effective.

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Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips – The Ayurvedic Approach !

When you follow the Ayurveda approach for gaining weight, you won’t affect your overall health of the body and eventually complete your weight gain plan. A person should always maintain healthy weight – not too much and not too less. Ayurvedic approach recommends ‘balance’ or an ‘optimum state’ in everything, including your body weight. That said, if you are convalescing from an illness or you are very thin and you want to gain weight, do it gradually and naturally. Do not rely on weight-gain supplements which may cause liver and kidney problems. A healthy person, with appropriate weight for his or her age and height is more likely to have good immunity and lead a happy life.

Those people having Vata dominant physiology are basically thin, while those with Kapha tend to be overweight. So, if you have a Vata body-type, there is a limit to how ‘fat’ you can become. Instead of worrying about gaining weight, it is imperative to focus on being strong and healthy.

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Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips

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10 Ayurvedic Weight Gain Tips

Listed down are some tips that Ayurveda suggests in order to gain weight in a healthy way. Read further to know more:

  1. Soy bean is rich in protein and many other nutrients. Soy is high in plant-based protein and a good source of many nutrients and phytochemicals. Include it in your diet as it is perfect if you are a vegetarian. Consume fruits or fresh fruit juices every day or at least 3 times a week. And if you are a non vegetarian, then you can add meat of any choice for twice a week.
  2. Try including more of curd, ghee, milk, sugarcane, rice, black gram and wheat in your daily diet. They are all excellent for gaining weight in a healthy and optimal way.
  3. Exercise is very important for people who look for lose weight and gain weight. Along with proper diet, one must exercise in order to gain weight healthily. When you exercise, you allow the body to metabolize the food you consumed and furthermore keep your appetite strong.
  4. Add small quantity of spices like cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cardamom, clove, black pepper etc in your daily diet which can help stimulate your appetite.
  5. Ensure right amount of sleep at night. Your body needs at least 8 hours of proper sleep for better functioning. Avoid distractions such as mobile, laptops etc before going to bed. Furthermore, drink a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric for a soundful sleep.
  6. While you eat your food, consume it in a normal speed. Not too fast, nor too slow. When you eat at a normal speed, the better stimulation at the salivary glands, furthermore aiding proper digestion.
  7. Avoid watching television, or using your mobiles, or even reading while you eat your food. Because you need to allow the body to engage in just one activity; i.e act of eating. Eat actively and keep yourself healthy.
  8. Select a clean, hygienic and a noise-free environment while having your meals.
  9. Do not drink a lot of water, before and after meals. Give a small interval before and after meal for drinking water. You may take small sips during meals, if needed. During winters, you can sip lukewarm water during meals for better digestion.
  10. You need to massage your body with sesame oil. This allow the muscle and bones to become strong. Furthermore, promoting blood circulation which carries all the essential nutrients and to all the parts of your body.

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