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Ayurvedic Herbs buying,raw herbs buy Online – Some informations

Buying Ayurvedic Herbs,Raw herbs buy Online – Some informations

Ayurvedic Herbs ,In earlier times, how to use herbal remedies was largely a “do it  yourself” endeavor. You would begin by first growing and then drying your own plants. These then require storage, usually dark airtight bottles and in a cool dry place. Even under the circumstances, loss of potency occurs with time, and such herbs become largely ineffective after about a year. Even with well-prepared dried herbs, you are still faced with the task of extracting active ingredients and preparing the ayurvedic herbs in such a way that it could be taken easily and with a minimum of distaste.

 Ayurvedic Herbs buying,raw herbs buy Online

User friendly options for buying ayurvedic herbs

With the increase in interest in herbal therapy, there has been a  parallel growth in the availability of ready-to-use herbal products. Once relegated to health food stores and specialty shops, herbal medicines are now increasingly available in pharmacies and even some supermarkets.

Ayurvedic Herbs that are widely available.

Ayurvedic herbs can be purchased in a variety of forms. Generally, the way the herb is processed and sold is less important than the integrity and quality of the herb manufacturer. Larger companies now sell standardized products with guaranteed potency. These are the herbs most widely available through pharmacies and food stores.

Owners of the smaller, more specialized shops may purchase from more modest suppliers, but they are extremely concerned about herbal quality since it is a major part of their business. Thus, if you rely on either the larger chain stores or the more specialized shops, you can be quite confident that you are getting quality products.

There are several advantages inherent to herb shops, however, that may even warrant going a little out of your way to find one.  The first is that they will have a greater variety of herbs available.   Frequently, the proprietors have very strong feelings about he and are enthusiastic proponents of its benefits. Equally important  they are often very knowledgeable about herbs, anxious to that information with you, and glad to answer any questions may have. For an initiate into the herbal lifestyle, an hour an herb shop can be most rewarding.

CheruThen (Small Honey) – Stingless Bee honey 

Teas  – Varied forms – Chamomile tea

Teas - Varied forms - Chamomile tea

Teas – Varied forms – Chamomile tea

Of the varied forms in which herbs are available, teas may be the familiar. Chamomile tea is readily available in almost all food and many other herbs (including peppermint, hops, and fennel available in this form.

Teas are an ideal way to take herbs meant to relax or relieve anxiety. The simple act of making and enjoying a hot drink provides a break in the rush and turmoil of daily life, adding to the therapeutic effect. When you prepare the tea, do not use boiling water s this can cause loss of valuable volatile oils. Generally the tea is steeped for approximately ten minutes. While enjoying a relaxing herbal beverage, please remember that you are taking a medication, and don’t exceed the recommended dosage. This is especially import for products bought in health food stores or herb shops, which tend more potent than those from the grocery.

I would advise using I teas as needed, but don’t exceed three or four cups per day.

Capsules or Tablets

Capsules or Tablets

Many of the more widely used herbs are available in caps tablets. These are convenient and easy to use, so new devotee prefer to take herbs in these forms. Generally, instructions are on the bottle, for example “Take 1 to 3 capsules, 1 to 3 times a Always follow label instructions, starting at the lower dosage

Extracts  – Herbal preparations

Extracts are herbal preparations manufactured by soaking he an alcohol solution. They are usually available in dropper bottles.

Typically you mix a number of drops with a small amount, of water. As with capsules and tablets, a dosage range is usually given, and the same caveats apply.

A particular benefit of extracts is their ease of use in the formulation of herbal mixtures. You can combine the appropriate number of drops of each herb with a small amount of water and take them together. Making individualized herbal mixtures is greatly facilitated with this method, the one I personally prefer.

Powders – Dried Herbs -Mixtures

Some herbs are sold as powders. Stores that sell them in this form usually also carry empty capsules to facilitate administration. Alternatively, powders can be mixed with water or juice. Powders are generally less convenient than capsules and tablets, which will increasingly replace them in the future.

Dried Herbs

The dedicated herbalist can obtain dried herbs. These likewise can be put in capsules or brewed as a tea. Their major drawback, however, is storage. Generally they must be bought in bulk and, as mentioned previously, stored in airtight containers and kept out of direct sunlight. While powders and dried herbs are unquestionably effective, the novice herbalist is probably best served by the less daunting extracts, capsules, or teas.

Mixtures -Combination products

Combination products (mixtures) are also available. In these, groups of herbs that benefit a given function (for example, the heart or immune system) are combined by the manufacturer into a single capsule (or tea bag). As a careful reader of this book, you will be equipped to develop your own herbal formula specific to your particular needs and precisely fitting your temperament. One of the great rewards of reading this book will be your ability to formulate a personal herbal mixture to maximize your own well-being and help ensure your continued good health.


Lastly, certain herbs can be applied directly to the skin and advantageously employed in a whole host of minor skin irritations. Dosage of any herbal product varies according to the form used, preparation by the manufacturer, potency, and so or low directions on the bottle.

This chapter is not intended to be an exhaustive presentation of all the forms that herbal remedies can take. Such an approach prove intimidating and needlessly delay your pursuit of remedies. Rather, I have tried to keep things simple while get more than enough information to walk into an herb shot food store, pharmacy, or supermarket and begin your quest herbal wellness.

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