Baby Bath and Baby Massage -Traditional method

Baby Bath and Baby Massage  – Traditional way

Baby bath – Most babies and parents just love to have a bath. And it’s more about pleasure than about cleansing.Bathing your newborn baby can be scary in the beginning, especially if you are a first time mother.    Actually it is so cute to see them  in bath tubs.  Being first time mum,it is difficult or rather was very much scared and a bit sort of helpless to bath your baby all by yourself.

“I’m terrified of bathing my newborn.”What safety tips should I keep in mind?.

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Baby bath in traditional style (Kerala) Our grandparents has always insisted on bathing babies early in the morning before 9’O clock and in using traditional ayurvedic herbs,oils and herbs juices in bathing water

Traditionally a massage is given before a bath but you can also choose to massage your baby after a bath. Choosing to massage your baby before or after her bath will depend on what oil you use during the massage, and the condition of your baby’s skin.This reference summary will help understand how to give your baby a bath.  It describes to prepare for bath

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First step – Gather all the necessary bath supplies such as soap, towel, bath tub, change of clothes, nappy or diaper, washcloths and so on before you start. Keep them within easy reach.

Second step – Baby Massage

Third – Bathing

Baby bath baby massage

Better to pick up a convenient time.  Traditionally our parents prefer time 7 – 9 It is auspicious to give bath to baby before 9 in the morning .Baby massage is a childcare practice, which has been started by our ancestors. Massaging the baby regularly makes the bones stronger. For massaging you can use Nalpamaradi Oil (velichena) or Virgin coconut oil .  While massaging ,my grandmother first applies the oil or coconut milk onto her palm and then gently massages it onto the baby.  And then washes out the oil using some mild soap or green gram powder and lukewarm water.  Use water that feels warm and not too hot. Dip your elbow in the water to check the temperature before you bathe your baby in it.

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After bathing, babies like to be dried with an especially warm and soft towel. Wrap your little one in the towel and gently dry the skin by softly dabbing instead of rubbing. Make sure to carefully dry all skin folds.Feeding after bath – if your baby less than 1 month old breast milk is given and then put to  sleep else some porridge prepared from Kannan kaya powder or koovapodi  is given before breast milk and then they are put to sleep.

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