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Bamboo Puttu Maker – Now make your favourite puttu, the traditional way.

Traditional Kerala style bamboo puttu maker (മുള പുട്ട്) Bamboo steamer.  Now make your favourite puttu, the traditional way. 

Bamboo Puttu Kudam is one of a traditionally used cookware made of bamboo and used to cook food with the use of steam. It can be kept above the boiler (steamer, cooker) so that the food gets cooked from the hot steam. Steaming enables food materials to keep their natural flavour, colour, shape, and nutritious value better than boiling and simmering. You can place this Puttu Maker on the nozzle of a Pressure Cooker with enough water. Use the bamboo stick to push the cooked puttu from the steamer.

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Bamboo Puttu Maker

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Components of Bamboo Puttu Maker

  • A wooden bamboo tube with a stopper at one end, which keeps the food materials within the tube.
  • A long bamboo stick with a pointed end. The other end of the stick has a rectangular handle.
  • A coconut shell coin with small openings at the centre.

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How to use this Bamboo Puttu maker?



  • Soak the Bamboo Puttu Maker (Bamboo Steamer) in water before use.
  • Insert the metal coin into the puttu maker and make use of the wooden stick in keeping the coin as close to the stopper.
  • Now, add the food materials through the tube and place it over the boiling pot or pressure cooker.
  • Once puttu is cooked, take out the puttu maker by the coconut coir coiled around the tube.
  • Slowly tilt it towards the plate, use the wooden stick and gently press it towards the coconut shell coin placed at the bottom just above the stopper.

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