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  • Besides the culinary uses, did you know about the health benefits of nutmeg?

Besides the culinary uses, did you know about the health benefits of nutmeg?



Besides the culinary uses, did you know about the health benefits of nutmeg

The hard and brown coloured seed from nutmeg tree is known for its warm and spicy sweet flavor. Each nutmeg seed is surrounded with a red coloured lacy membrane called mace.

Myristica fragrans is the most popular commercial species among the nutmeg trees. This evergreen tree is indigenous to the Banda islands in the Spice Islands of Indonesia. It is also seen in South Indian states like Kerala. In Kerala, it is called as ‘Jathikka‘.


Nutmeg is an evergreen tree with oblong shaped leaves. It has light yellow flowers with a small bell-like shape. The fruits is in light yellow colour with red and green markings. Once the fruit gets matured enough, the outer fleshy covering bursts to reveal the seed. There is a red membrane covering the seeds known as aril, which is termed as the mace portion of the nutmeg.

Nutmeg is an egg shaped seed with a 20 to 30 mm length and 15 to 18 mm width. Dried nutmeg has an average of weight of 5 to 10 gram. Nutmeg tree provides three yields per year and the first harvest of nutmeg tree takes place after 7-9 years. The trees will reach their full production after 20 years. Nutmeg is usually used in its powdered form.

Since ancient times, nutmeg has been used for the treatment of various ailments. There are many uses for nutmeg and these include nutmeg health benefits as well as nutmeg medicinal uses.

Useful against indigestion

From ancient times nutmeg seeds are used against the treatment of digestion related ailments. Nutmeg can provide relief against many of the digestion related problems like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence etc. Formation of excess gas in stomach can cause severe stomach aches. Nutmeg oil is useful in reducing stomachaches by removing the excessive gas from the intestines. People suffering from lack of appetite can also make use of nutmeg oil for better appetite and a healthy digestion. The essential ingredients in nutmeg can help with the digestion and increase the intestinal movements.

Helpful against bad breath

The antibacterial qualities of nutmeg is useful against the treatment of bad breath. As we all know bad breath is usually caused by the build up of bacteria in our mouth. Bacterial presence can be reduced with the use of nutmeg seeds. This is why nutmeg is used as one of the common ingredients in many of the branded toothpaste. Nutmeg can also provide positive results against toothaches and gum problems.



Detoxifies the liver and kidney

Detoxification is considered as one of the main factors for good health. Toxic presence in our organs will be increased with many reasons like stress, pollution, tobacco, stress, medication and other external substances. Toxic build-up usually develops in liver and kidney. When consumed as a tonic, nutmeg can clean your kidney and liver. Traditionally nutmeg is also considered as an effective medicine for preventing and dissolving kidney stones.

Promotes skin care

Nutmeg seeds can be used for preventing skin problems and is useful in providing smoother and healthier skin. A scrub made with orange lentil powder and nutmeg powder can be useful for the treatment of blackheads. Blackheads are a type of acne characterized by pores containing excess oil and dead skin cells. A mixture of nutmeg powder and honey can be applied on acne marks, this will make your scars less noticeable.

Can be a natural brain tonic

Nutmeg can stimulate the brain cells. Historical evidence suggests that the Romans and Greek civilizations used nutmeg as a brain tonic. Fatigue and stress can be reduced with the use of nutmeg. It can also be used as a good remedy for anxiety and depression.