Chembarathi or Chemparathi or Thali -Shoe Flower Uses

Hibiscus or Chembarathi or Chemparathi or Thali  Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant (shoe flower)

shoeflower chambarathi


Hibiscus Linn, is a large genus of herbs, shrubs and trees widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Out of 160 species about 40 occur in India. Many Hibiscus species are valued as ornamental plants and are cultivated in gardens. Some yield fibre.H. cannabinus and H. sabdariffa are important sources of commercial fibre. Some species are useful as food; Yet others are medicinal.

It is grown as an ornamental plant In garden throughout India and often planted -as a hedge or fence plant. It can be cultivated with advantage ingroup planting of shrubs or for beautifying parks and grassy plots. Numerous types adopt to sunny, semi-shady and shady locations and with single and double flowers of red, yellow, white, magenta and cherry colours. It blossoms almost throughout the year and seldom sets seeds under cultivation.

Hibiscus or Chemparathi Secret behind long beautiful hair

Shoe flower or hibiscus flower is an ornamental plant seen in almost all parts of Kerala.  There are more than 4000 varieties shoe flower.  Many colours of shoe flowers are available.  Of all these red,white has much importance in medicine.  Shoe Flower hibiscus is famous for its ability to grow hair.  It is extremely beneficial for hair.  Hibiscus flower along with leaves is used in many ways to fight hair fall issues.




It is also said that hibiscus dyes the hair and prevents premature aging. All these properties are due to the high nutritional value of the hibiscus flower and hibiscus leaves.It is rich in amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and alpha Hydroxy acids along with other nutrients.Showflower or hisbiscus would cool head and promotes hair growth. It would also prevent hair greying. In Kerala women and girls prepare a special shampoo called chemparathi thali,by rubbing the leaves an flowers. This is the secret of kerala women traditionally having long beautiful hair. Hibiscus is available in the market in the form of powder. Ayurveda suggests thali podi or chemparathi thali powder is good to prevent premature hair graying,hair loss and other hair related problems


How to prepare hibiscus or chemparathi thali conditioner for shining hair

improves hair texture and prmotes skin smooth organic foods

Take 4 to 5 hibiscus or shoe flower (flower and leaves) and some water.  Boil the water with hibiscus flowers, till the water turns slightly red.  Mas the flowers once the water cools off and use this water to rinse the hair after the hair wash as hair conditioner.  This add your hair bounce and shine

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