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Good Health – List of ways by which you can live a a healthy and long life

Good health – Health is equally significant for everyone and the good news is,you can take full charge of your health and can nurture and enhance it well with the right knowledge.  Most of the information gathered from the internet is a mix of several diet plans,exercise,etc. combined with some new and different tips available on different sites,which causes confusion and results in the,let it be attitude.  Hence,here is a list of ways by which you can live a healthy and long life.

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Healthy diet is key for good health

According to the World Health Organization you must avoid the consumption of sodium and sugar in excess and should consume more vegetables,fruits,nuts,legumes and grains

Increase your social life

Increasing your social life and bringing about a shift in your mindset from negative positive,takes you a step ahead towards healthy living.  A social life helps you cope with traumas,reduces stress and encourages you to avoid unhealthy habits or habits such as drinking smoking etc.,

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Exercise Regularly

Exercise undoubtedly must be added to your must-to-do list of each day.  According to the National Institute of Health,exercise for at least two and a half-hours per week increases life expectancy by around four and  half years.

Sleep Well

With hectic schedule of everyday life,you not only juggle to do well on the professional front but also have to fulfill needs of your personal relationships and hence, often forget to keep enough time for yourself.  Thus, time management is amust-learnt art for everybody in today’s era. To make wiser decisions you must have a peaceful mind which can only be attained through enough sleep and rest.  Here are some powerful benefits of good sleep:

  • Eight hours of sleep everyday prevents cancer
  • It keeps your heart healthy
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you stay fit and helps you to lost unwanted weight
  • Reduces tension and the risk of depression
  • Keeps your skin and body healthy

Drink plenty of water daily

Good health

To stay healthy,adequate water is required as it helps in clearing out ch are from your body which are responsible for several health problems.  Besides,water also moisturizes ur joints and keeps aches and any other health ailments away

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