How to make medicinal Herbal tea at home?


Herbal tea

Indian herbal tea is made of different herbs which will help in detoxifying our body.

Many varieties of herbal teas are available in the market. Most common herbs involved in the preparation of herbal teas are cardamom, ginger, mint leaves, cloves and holy basil. Apart from all these ingredients one can also add pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, galangal, honey, fennel seeds and nutmeg. The ingredients used in herbal tea is determined by the medicinal values as well as the climatic conditions of the place in which you stays. Some of the herbs like ginger or cloves can increase the body heat and hence are extensively used in cold climates. Mint leaves, tulsi (holy basil), rose petals ec are known for their cooling effects and are suitable for hot climatic conditions. This is a detailed description on one of an authentic homemade Herbal tea preparations. So, have a look at the ingredients used and the method of preparation of basic Indian herbal tea.

Ingredients used for making Indian herbal tea
  • 4 medium cups of water
  • 3-4 teaspoon of black tea leaves or 3-4 black tea bags
  • 1-inch crushed ginger piece for a mild tea or 2-inch crushed ginger piece for a strong tea
  • 2-3 cardamom
  • 1 medium strand of lemon grass.
  • 3-4 holy basil leaves
  • 3-4 mint leaves
  • ½-¾ cup of milk (as per your taste)
  • 6-8 teaspoons of organic cane sugar
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Method of preparation of herbal tea
  • Wash and peel the ginger piece. Crush the ginger and cardamom, keep it aside.
  • Cut the lemon grass strand into small pieces.
  • Heat some water in a pan and add crushed ginger and cardamom.
  • Add the lemon grass, mint leaves and holy basil leaves to the water.
  • Boil the mixture for about 7-8 minutes. The ginger will release its juices and the colour of the water would change to light yellow.
  • Now, add the sugar and simmer for few minutes.
  • Add the tea leaves or tea bags and wait till the water gets a deep hue colour.
  • Slowly pour the milk and simmer it for 2-3 minutes.
  • When it’s ready take it off the flame and pour it through a fine sieve.
  • Serve it hot.