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  • Indian Gooseberry (Nellikka-Amla) – Improves hair growth prevents greying of hair

Indian Gooseberry (Nellikka-Amla) – Improves hair growth prevents greying of hair

Indian gooseberry – Nellikka-Amla Botanical Name – Embelic Myrobalan.  It grows throughout India in deciduous forests and hill slopes up to an altitude of 200m and is also cultivated in plains.

Indian Gooseberry (Nellikka-Amla) Plant

Indian gooseberry in different languages.

  • Sanskrit – Amalaki Hindi – Amla
  • Bengali – Amlaki. Tamil : Nellikai
  • Telugu – Nelli, Amlakamu Malayalam : Nelli
  • French : Phyllanthe Embelic German – Gebrauchlicher

Medium sized deciduous tree,8 to 10 metres in height,with a thin grey coloured bark.  The light green leaves are abundant,subsessile and set along the branches.  Flowers are yellowish green, with many male and few female flowers.  Fruits are round and juicy,with not so clear vertical furrows enclosing six sided seeds.

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Nellikka-Amla Parts used : Root bark,bark leaves and fruits

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Properties – Root barks  are astringent and useful in treating ulcerative stomatitis and gastrohelcosis.  The bark is believed to be useful against gonorrhoea,jaundice,diarrhoea etc.  The leaves are used to treat conjunctivitis,inflammation and diarrhoea.  Fruits are sour and astringent.  A sweet taste in the mouth.  It is cooling,ophthalmic,carminative,stomachic,tonic and diuretic.  It is sued in a wide range of disorders including colic,ulcers,diarrhoea,cardiac disorders etc.  The cooling effect is used as an application of paste of fruits on the head for mentally disturbed persons.

Therapeutic Uses –Nellikka-Amla

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  • Richest source of vitamin C
  • Regular use of one to two gooseberry (amla) fruits helps control bleeding gums
  • Juice of fresh fruits (10ml) or a decoction of dried fruits (15ml) with 1 gm turmeric powder and 10 ml Guluchi Amrutha taken early in morning controls diabetes.
  • Regular use of Indian goose berry improves  immunity and provides longevity.
  • Application of medicated oil with amla on the head improves hair growth,darkens the hair,prevents graying of hair and helps provide sound sleep.
  • People having sinusitis,should avoid using Indian gooseberry oil.
  • Soak 500gms of fresh clean,and well ripe Indian gooseberry fruits in 1 kg honey in an airtight container for 41 days.  After 41 days the Indian gooseberry fruits can be removes.  Regular uses of 5 to ao ml of this honey will provide ,immunity,stamina,vital power and ealy in ageing process.

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  • External application of Indian gooseberry paste on the lower abdomen helps treat dysuria (painful or difficult urination)
  • Combination of Indian gooseberry powder,Indian gallnut (kadukkai) powder,and belleric myrobalan (thannikka powder) 3 to 6 gms with warm water or honey at bed time is a laxative
  • The above combination 3 to 6 gms together with 5 to 6 gms of honey and 1 to 3 gms ghee taken internally keeps eyes healthy and improves vision.
  • Equal quantity of honey and ghee is a bad combination
  • Regular use of 6 gms of fresh fruits with 1res 100ml milk cures hyperacidity.  Because of its high iron content,regular use cures anaemia
  • 2 to 3 fresh fruits dried can taken daily
  • Application of paste of Indian gooseberry fruit paste on the head clams down mental patients

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