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Indian Pickles – What Happens If You Consume Pickles Everyday ?

Indian Pickles

Indian Pickles: Pickles are a necessary part in almost all major Indian household. It is an indelible part of the cuisines in India. Can be consumed with rice, bread and other dishes enough to bring running water from your mouths. We as Indians just love the spicy pickles and eat it along with parathas, curd rice, puris and almost about anything and everything we can think of. A few people can just consume it without pairing it with anything. From vegetables like carrots to cauliflower, and non veg dishes like fish and chicken, Indian pickles can go along with anything. After all, what’s fun in eating foods which aren’t spicy at all? Some other people eat pickles regularly with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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But, did it ever cross on your mind ? Whether eating pickles everyday is healthy or no ? Some pickle lovers would love to argue that pickles are super healthy because they are prepared using fermenting food and hence are good for the gut. However, Indian pickles are full of sodium content due to the presence of high amount of salt. Furthermore, they contain lots and lots of oil, which is added for preserving them and preventing from fungal infestations. Foods containing high in salt and oil are bad for heart, increases cholesterol and affects your overall health. This is due to the hydrogenated or trans-fat contained in the oil, which are bad fats consumed by the body.

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Is Indian Pickles Healthy To Eat Everyday ?

But, is it healthy to eat pickles everyday? Some would like to argue that pickles are healthy because they are made by fermenting food stuff and hence, are great for the gut. However, Indian pickles are also full of sodium, due to the presence of excessive amounts of salt. Moreover, they contain a lot of oil, which is added to them to preserve them and prevent any fungal infestations. It is common knowledge that foods that are high in salt and grease are bad for the heart, increase levels of cholesterol in the body and are detrimental for our overall health. This is because the oil contains hydrogenated or trans-fats, which are the worst kind of fats to consume.

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Trans-fat is bad for your health as it is responsible for the increase of LDL cholesterol in the body. When LDL cholesterol increases it leads to heart ailments, obesity and various other problems. Pickles contain excessive salt content which is bad for our body and causes bloating, high blood pressure, water retention etc. The spices present in pickles can irritate our digestive system. And the cheap oils used in pickles contains trans-fats which are extremely dangerous and toxic for the liver. But there are ways in which we can consume pickles without it affecting our health issues.

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How To Consume Indian Pickles Without Affecting Our Health ?

There are ways to make pickles healthier and consume it without affecting our health. Pickles are a traditional way of fermenting vegetables and eat them throughout the year. The prevention if done with good ingredients using mustard oil and using the spices in the right proportion can be healthier for the gut. It is because the fermentation process generates healthy gut bacteria that helps to reboot our body. But pickles should be always consumed in moderation and the ingredients selected in making them should be handpicked carefully. Although, the pickles which are prepared in a healthier perspective can be bound to taste different and can be consumed without affecting our health.

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