Kondattams/Pappads/Vathals-Ready to fry and ready to eat

Kondattams/Pappads-What are kondattams vathals made of?

Indian Vadams (Kondattam or Sandige), Pappads, Vathals (Dry Vegetables) Kondattams are made of sago ,dried vegetables, rice, sun dried and then fried in coconut oil or other cooking oil according to your taste.

In Kerala, when vegetables, fruit ,chopped into slight thinly pieces, marinated, sun dried and preserved as vattals or kondattams or crisps for later use.

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Kondattoms is an Indian side dish snack  food composed primarily of dried vegetables, potato starch and tinted sago. They may also contain tapioca,rice flour,wheat flour.  instantly when deep fried, and they are either eaten as a snack or served like aside dish to accompany a meal.

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What is Vathal or vattals made of?

In most South Indian food or snack recipes, the two terms Vadam and Vathal are frequently used. Basically, Vathals are dried fruits and vegetables that can be served as a side dish, snacks or used in various recipes as well. Most importantly, they must be fried or toasted before use.

Vadam is basically a paste made from rice which is also dried and then toasted or fried before use. After drying, you can use it for approximately one year.