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Moringa Skin Care Benefits – 6 Reasons Why You Should Add This To Your Beauty

Moringa Skin Care Benefits

Moringa Skin Care Benefits

Moringa (Drumstick) or called Muringa in Malayalam is said to be superfood by many. We as Indians are no strangers to this amazingly beneficial drumstick. In fact it is added everywhere in the Indian cuisine. Ranging from curries to soups in India and all around the world. As a result, South Indians use it frequently in dishes like sambar, pickles and even in some non-vegetarian curries. Furthermorem, the best thing about Moringa (Muringa) tree is that all the part can be used for consumption as its leaves, flowers and seeds are packed with nutrients for multiple Moringa Skin Care Benefits.

But, did you know that moringa is a powerful beauty ingredient as well? Moringa face masks are now becoming extremely popular, as more and more people around the world are realizing the importance of this wonder ingredient, for enhancing beauty.

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Here we have provided 6 reasons why you should add moringa leaves and oil to your beauty regime, Moringa Skin Care Benefits:

Moringa Skin Care Benefits

6 Moringa Skin Care Benefits You Must Know

Here are few reasons you should add drumstick leaves and oil for your beauty regime, Moringa Skin Care Benefits:

Slows Ageing

Both moringa oil and moringa powder can be used on face to prevent wrinkles and kills cells which damages your skin. Furthermore, it helps your facial skin by reducing wrinkles, blemishes and eventually making you look young and youthful.

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Excellent Moisturizer

In a wide range of lip balms and other lip care products, there is an inclusion of moringa oil. Moringa oil is beneficial in moisturizing the sensitive skin of the lips and furthermore making them retain their softness.

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Eliminates Dark Spots

Moringa (Muringa) or Drumsticks helps to improve our complexion by treating blemishes and furthermore giving you an even tone. Take few moringa leaves and make a fine paste of it. Apply this moringa paste to the affected areas (dark spots or blemishes). After 10-15 mins rinse using lukewarm water and pat dry. Furthermore, it reduces the dark spots and blemishes and gives you an even tone to your skin.

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Fights Acne

Applying moringa oil on your face is known to prevent acnes since it has anti-bacterial properties. You can even use moringa leaves paste on the affected areas of the face. Similarly, it has the same desired affect like the moringa oil on your face. Before applying this, please consult to a skin doctor as each people will have some allergy.

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Purifies Blood

When there is toxins accumulated in your blood, this causes formation of pimples and acne breakouts. You can cure the pimples and treat acne by consuming moringa powder or even by moringa seeds. Due to the anti-bacterial properties present in moringa, it helps to remove all the accumulated toxins from blood. Furthermore, your blood is purified and thus giving you a healthy and clear skin.

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Reduces Pores

Moringa has skin heath boosting collagen protien, which helps in eliminating the pores. It helps to reduce the large open pores of the skin and furthermore tightens the skin.

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Moringa Skin Care Benefits

How To Make DIY Moringa Face Mask – Moringa Skin Care Benefits

Moringa powder has vital skin beneficial vitamins which helps our skin. It is often used as an ingredient in face mask. This is obtained from drying the moringa leaves in the sun. After it is dried, the leaves are crushed to a fine powder, probably bright green powder. To make a DIY Moringa Face Mask, all you need is moringa powder, raw honey, rose water, lemon juice and water.

  1. In a bowl, 1/2 tbsp moringa powder, honey, rose water and then add 1/2 tbsp lemon juice to it. Mix well.
  2. See the mixture is consistent, if its not, then add water accordingly. You need to obtain thick and smooth paste.
  3. Apply this mixture on your face in the morning and keep it for about 10 mins.
  4. Rinse it using lukewarm water and pat dry.
  5. Once your face is completely dried, apply small amount of moisturizer on your face, to get a smooth and soft skin.

Moringa powder has great beauty benefits for your hair as well and can be used to get longer, thicker and healthier hair. Furthermore, due to its anti-bacterial properties, moringa powder may also prevent dandruff and flaky scalp.

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