Palm Jaggery Made from palm sap! Karipetti Pana Bellam

Palm Jaggery Panai Bellam Made from palm sap!

Karipetti / Karupetty / Pana Bellam/ Pana Vellam Buy Online from Natureloc

  • Palm Jaggery Panai Bellam/ Karupetty/ Karipetti is made from palm sap instead of sugarcane juice.
  • The palm sap is boiled, hardened and shaped using a coconut shell to make authentic Karipetty/ Palm Jaggery.
  • Fresh sap is collected from palm trees which is filtered using a cloth and boiled continuously until it turns brown.
  • Some amount of lime soda is added for texture.
  • This mixture is then poured into cleaned coconut shells for hardening which is then packed and transported.

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Palm Jaggery | Hand skilled labour
  • Palm trees are abundant across South India, especially Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Palm climbers use generations-old techniques for climbing these trees and using the knife-pot apparatus the sap is collected.
  • These methods are still not automated, dependent heavily on human craftmanship.
  • Filtering of sap, boiling of sap and hardening using a coconut shell is done by skilled labourers.
  • The entire process is human labour dependent making it generations-old skilled cottage industry.

Famous Recipes- Palm Jaggery (Panai Bellam/Karipatti)

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Coffee sweetened with Karupetty

  • Regular coffee is sweetened using panam vellam as an alternative to processed sugars.
  • Coffee blends well with this natural sweetener and sometimes is consumed without milk adding water and dry ginger for throat infections, cough and chest congestions.

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Karupetty Halwa

  • Karupetti Halwa is a common sweet dish consumed in Tamil Nadu.
  • The melting texture of Karupetti makes the halwa extra soft and smooth.
  • This halwa is mostly made on auspicious occasions in Tamil Nadu

Mysore Pak with Panai Bellam/Vellam

  • Mysore Pak is a common sweet largely consumed in Karnataka.
  • Sometimes, panam jaggery  is added instead of normal processed sugar.
  • This sweet is made with just three ingredients- besan, ghee and palm jaggery.
  • Palm Jaggery gives an extra sweet tone to the Mysore Pak and gives a natural sugary punch.