Palm Jaggery – An Excellent Nutritional Sweetener

Palm Jaggery – An Excellent Nutritional Sweetener


Palm Jaggery is darker and richer in colour. It can be used as an excellent substitute for white sugar. When compared to sugar, palm jaggary is an excellent nutritional sweetener. In Kerala it is called by the name ‘Karuppatti. Apart from its sweet taste all the essential nutrients of sugar get flushed out during processing. On the other hand, the preparation of jaggery involves no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Since it is prepared from the extracts of palm trees, palm jaggery has minerals and vitamins in abundance.



Making of Palm Jaggery ? In the initial stage, the sap from palm trees is collected in slacked lime treated earthen pots by tappers. The sap is then cleared of unwanted materials by the process of sedimentation and filtration. It is then boiled in a galvanized iron pan. A white scum is skimmed off from the surface of the boiling sap. Some crushed castor beans are added to allay frothing.

After 5 min, pan is taken off from furnace and allowed for settling of lime. Cleared brown syrup is again poured in to the boiling pan. The syrup is then cooled in to desired shapes of palm jaggery. It has an intense, earthy taste or reminiscent of chocolates in its taste.



Regulates liver function

Palm Jaggery is known for its ability to purify blood and helps in regulating the liver function. It is an effective detoxifying agent. (Detoxifying agents are the ones which helps to remove harmful as well as toxic substances from our body.) It helps to detoxify your liver by flushing out unwanted and unhealthy components from our body. Consumption of jaggery is useful for those who are exposed to pollution on a regular basis like industrial workers

Helps to prevent constipation

Palm jaggery is prepared in a natural way, without the removal minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers. It speeds up the digestion by activating the digestive enzymes. It itself changes to acetic acid in the stomach, resulting in smooth digestion. Palm jaggery reduces the strain on the digestive tract and intestines, there by stimulating bowel movements and relieves constipation.

Coffee with palm jagger (karuppatti coffee)



Coffee with Palm Jaggery for cold and sore throat (Karupatti Coffee)

It is a traditional spicy hot drink used as a home cure for cold and sore throat. Boil water with palm jagger (karuppatti), crushed peppercorns, cumin seeds and dry ginger. Add coffee powder and let it boil for about 3-4 minutes. Finally, add some basil leaves.


Effective against Anemia

Decrease in the amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood is termed as anemia. It lowers the ability of blood to carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Deficiency of  iron and other essential elements are believed to be the cause of anemia. Palm jaggery is an excellent source of iron and other essential minerals. The use of palm jaggery in our food preparations can actually fulfill our iron requirement.

Strengthens our immune system

The immune system protects our body from disease causing pathogens. Palm jaggery is rich in antioxidants and essential minerals like zinc and selenium, required to increase our immunity.

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