Papads-An example of the genius of Indian cuisine (Papadum)

Papads-An example of the genius of Indian cuisine (Papadum)

Papad is nothing but the thin Indian wafer, which can be referred to as a cracker or flatbread. Papad is generally made from dried pulses; it can be eaten fried or roasted. There are varieties of papad flavors available in the market, that are made to suit the requirement of each and every individual.

Pappadam - Traditional Kerala Papadam Papad

Papads- Different types of pappadam

The basic composition of the papad varies from a number of ingredients such as cereal flour,pulse flour, soya flour, spice mixes, chemical mixes and different vegetable juices for improving both organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

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How to prepare papad (पापड़,paapad)?

Before making any papad, its dough is required to make. That dough contains salt and peanut oil and some flavours to make the special regional papad. Baking soda is also one of the main ingredients for making good papad. The dough is shaped into a thin round flatbread and then dried (traditionally in the sun). Papad can be cooked by deep-frying, roasting over an open flame, toasting or microwaving.

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In India, Papad has a vital place in every meal. It is highly served or accompanied either as a snack, chaat or with main course recipes. Papad is an example of the genius of Indian cuisine. Originally there are two types of Papad – North Indian papad and South Indian papad. They come into different sizes and textures such as mini papad, big papads, roasted papad, khakhra and many more.

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Papads of various brands are easily available in the market.  You can get a variety of tasty and flavorful NatureLoC papads with different shapes and sizes. Always check that they are dry and not stuck with each other.

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