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Can Potatoes Help To Manage High Blood Pressure? Here’s The Answer!

Manage High Blood Pressure

Manage High Blood Pressure

Manage High Blood Pressure – Would you believe potatoes were not part of the Indian cuisine before the 16th century? It was only when the Portuguese arrived to India, that we were introduced to this peculiar vegetable and its sheer versatility. Since then we have used potatoes in our gravies, curries, rice dishes, halwas, street food, parathas, fries and what not! The Portuguese import became India’s favourite veggie and there has been no looking back ever since.

The moment we think about potatoes, our mind instantly conjures a treat that is laden in oil or spices. But the truth is that the infamous reputation of potatoes is a tad unfair. It is true that it is one of the most carbohydrate-dense vegetable known, but it is also one of the healthiest foods you can add to your diet.

It is packed with vitamin C, fibre, potassium, B vitamins, copper, tryptophan, manganese and eye-health boosting lutein. Being alkaline in nature, it also helps rid your body from excess toxins. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve pain and ulcers. Potatoes, if prepared and consumed the right way, could also do wonders to keep your blood pressure levels in check.

Manage High Blood Pressure

Why Potatoes Manage High Blood Pressure ?

Potatoes are high in chlorogenic acid and anthocyanins, chemicals that help to lower blood pressure.  The polyphenol in purple potatoes may also help. Additionally, potatoes are also a good source of potassium. High potassium food items should be encouraged for high BP. Potatoes, beets, carrots, oranges and bananas are excellent food choices. Potassium cures ill effects of sodium, by eliminating sodium through your urine. Excess sodium puts extra pressure on walls of your blood vessels that leads to raised blood pressure. 100 g of potato contains 421 mg of potassium.

Potatoes are also excellent to calm you down, which is a common complaint among blood pressure patients. The white flesh of potatoes are a good source of tryptophan, an amino acid that has sedative properties, helping in keeping you stress-free and your nerves calm.

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Manage High Blood Pressure

How To Have Potatoes To Manage High Blood Pressure ?

Ditch processed preparations like fries, namkeen and patties. They are laden with trans-fats that may spike blood pressure levels. You can consume fresh potato juice. Wash and grate potatoes, put it in cheese cloth and squeeze this juice. Consume it in recommended doses. You can also boil them or grill them, try having them with their skins on. Have potatoes of all colours for a variety of antioxidants.

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