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Rubco Nutriko Virgin Coconut Oil – Hair care oil – Cooking Oil

Rubco Nutriko Virgin Coconut Oil

Kerala state Rubber Co-operative Ltd. (Rubco) has, in a short span, redefined the way the co-operative sector functions and set the pace for the co-operative movement in Kerala today.  Rubco manufactures and markets a variety of products from footwear to furniture, from mattresses to Rubco Nutriko Virgin Coconut Oil

Rubco Nuriko Virgin Coconut oil – An excellent cooking oil

Rubco Nuriko Virgin Coconut oil is excellent cooking oil, which enhances the flavour and taste of many recipes and cuisines. It is zero cholesterol oil which is rapidly metabolised by the human body into energy and not cholesterol. The nutritional and medicinal values of Rubco Nutriko virgin coconut oil is not lost in heating because of its very high ‘Smoke Point’.

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Rubco Nutri-KO Virgin Coconut Oil – Micro Expelling Technique

Rubco  coconut oil being extracted through direct micro expelling technique had very healthy qualities, unlike its more plebian cousins.The virgin coconut oil is produced in technical collaboration with Kokonut Pacific Pty. Australia. Under the process, coconut oil is produced through the direct micro expelling technique which turns the coconut into oil within 90 minutes of opening it. The coconut is neither dried and turned into copra nor is it turned into coconut milk, before producing coconut oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Natural Oil – Coconut oil for everyday life

Rubco Nutriko Virgin Coconut Oil is the best natural TONIC

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Nutriko virgin coconut oil – rich in vitamins like vitamin – A; D; E & K and slows down the ageing process because of its antioxidant qualities.This oil is the best food for skin and slows ageing process leaving skin with gorgeous glow and nil greasy residues. It doesn’t contain trans fat , which is abundantly  present in other unsaturated vegetable oils in the market.Antioxidant property along with the presence of Vitamin-E, Nutri-ko gives glowing look to our skin.

Coconut Oil – The traditional method of preparing virgin coconut oil

Rubco nutriko Cooking Oil Highlights

Usage of cold processing technology by which coconut oil is extracted from fresh, mature, green coconuts within hours of plucking.  State of the art technology that avoids fungi, bacterial and viral contamination and pollution by mycotoxins and aflatoxins which are common in normal technology

  • Unrefined; Non-bleached and Non-deodorised
  • Absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives
  • Does not contain ‘Transfats’ , Non-fermented;nonhydrogenated
  • As pure as fresh coconut; tastes like fresh coconut
  • Has the mild natural fragrance of farm fresh coconuts

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