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Tava or Tawa- What is tawa user for? Rock Tava or Cast Iron Tawa (Thava)

What is Tava or Tawa (thava)?

A Thava or tawa(tava) is a large flat disc-shaped frying pan made from metal, usually cast iron, sheet iron, steel sheet or aluminium.  Thava is used for cooking a variety of flatbreads and as a frying pan.  Dosa Tawa which is an essential pick for preparing crispy dosas, tender omelettes and healthy rotis. Complementing the Indian kitchen, this tawa is perfect for preparing staple foods such as parathas, bread, pancakes and many more.

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What are the different sizes of Tava or Thawa? Is it  Rock Tava or Cast Iron Dosa Tawa (Thava)?

Size of the Tawa Depends on the Size of Dosas You Prefer and Your Cooking Skills.  Large Tawa that Retains Heat and Gives you Crispy Dosas Every Time .  If you’re looking for a large cast iron tawa that retains heat properly and is perfectly flat so you can get crispy dosas every time, then this is the one for you. Once it’s been seasoned, it becomes almost as good as a non-stick tawa and doesn’t let the batter stick to the base.

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Why You Should Use Cast Iron Cookware ? – Benefits

Cast Iron Cookware  is valued for its heat retention properties. And can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. Seasoning is used to protect bare cast iron from rust and to create a non-stick surface.

At times we can get so focused on what food we should or should not be eating, that we lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s not just the food that matters, it’s how we prepare it. And the pots and pans we cook with are just as important as the food that goes in them.

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How to season new cast iron tawa ? different methods