Mace – Nutmeg- prominent flavoring agent in cuisines

Why  mace and nutmeg are dried separately into different spices?

nutmeg-mace -medicical values health benefits

Nutmeg is unique in the sense that is yields another spice known as mace.  It is dried aril which covers the shell.  It is present as a yellow-red to red sot, broken layer that surrounds the seed.  The reddish pigment is lycopene,which is the main pigment of tomato.  Generally the myristicine content of mace is higher and the aroma is regarded as superior to nutmeg

The mace being skinny,dries easily compared to the kernel, nutmeg.  Besides,mace will lose its reddish colour on excessive drying.  Because of this reason, mace and nutmeg are dried separately into different spices

Mace ground -Mace oil-oleoresin – uses -health values-medicinal properties – culinary uses

Mace -Nut meg




Mace on steam distillation gives 10 to 16% volatile oil.  Mace and its oil are used in many a good where  nutmeg is used.  But being more costly, it is used in  more expensive food.  Mace as also nutmeg are regarded as  baking spice as this flavour is valued in baked items like cakes,pastries and doughnuts

Mace is an excellent sedative and its anti-inflammatory properties can be very effective for treating lumbago, rheumatics, arthritis etc.,Its oil (mace) is a good stimulator,aromatic properties increasing blood circulation.Its antiseptic in nature effectively cures gums,toothaches and bad breath

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