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Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain: 5 Magic Herbs For Faster Weight Gain

Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain

Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain

Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain: Today, when the world is facing an obesity epidemic, the desire to gain weight may seem like fiction. But there are people who need to gain weight for various reasons. Some have high metabolism. Some are genetically predisposed to be ‘small’. And few just don’t eat enough! But the way to gain weight is not to binge on junk food—that will just add fat and make you unhealthy.

Popularity of Ayurveda has revived in recent times due its holistic approach. Ayurveda also owns a heritage of 5,000 years in medicine. Meaning of the word ‘Ayurveda’ is ‘science of longevity’. It prescribes comprehensive solutions for all sorts of ailments and disorders. Most of the ayurvedic treatments base on dietary solutions. These are inexpensive and simple to follow. Ayurveda also stresses on meditation and yoga. So as to induce proper energy balance in human body. Ayurveda has remedy for even critical ailments, which allopathy fails to address. Likewise, underweight people can enjoy some of the best effective treatments of Ayurveda in order to reach a standard bodyweight.

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You can trust on Ayurveda for several reasons. Primarily, ayurvedic doses are mild. Secondly, most of the ayurvedic medicines do not have side effects. Finally, ayurvedic medicines are inexpensive and easily available everywhere. All medicines are derived from nature and hence Ayurveda is completely safe. because all medicines are derived from nature. And do not mostly include harmful chemicals. Here are some well-known ayurvedic medicines, which help to induce bodyweight.

If you are someone who wants to gain weight the healthy way, you might need to add a couple of herbs in your diet! Confused about which ones to use? Let us read to know:

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5 Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain

Ginger Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain

Ginger has been used for several years to treat intestinal issues. It is the best herb you could use to take care of your upset stomach, nausea and dyspepsia. It treats poor appetite effectively and helps you enjoy your meals better. This herb works effectively when it comes to warming the digestive tract. It has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional medicine. Helps in digestion, reduce nausea and fights the flu and common cold. It can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice. Furthermore, sometimes added to processed foods and cosmetics. The unique fragrance and flavor of it comes from its natural oils, the most important of which is gingerol.

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Licorice Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain

Licorice is an effective natural supplement that helps you gain weight. It is ideal for those who have a weak immune system. The liquorice plant is a herbaceous perennial legume native to southern Europe and parts of Asia, such as India. It is not botanically related to anise, star anise, or fennel. These flavours are used as candies or sweeteners, particularly in some European and Middle Eastern countries. It’s extracts have been used in herbalism and traditional medicine. Excessive consumption of liquorice may result in adverse effects. Such as hypokalemia, increased blood pressure, and muscle weakness.

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Ashwagandha Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain

Ashwagandha is one popular Indian herb known for its rich and natural supplements. It heals stress, lack of energy, lack of appetite, fatigue as well as strain. If taken with a healthy and nutritious diet, it can certainly help you gain some weight. This is a well-known herb having miraculous effects on weight gain. The churna is used in several medical preparations for its rich nutritional benefits. For its multifaceted benefits, the herb is also known as ‘Indian Ginseng’. When consumed with a high calorie diet, ashwagandha churna must help in gaining body weight. Ideal dose of this herb is 100 mg a day.

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Chyavanprash Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Gain

Chyavanprash is the most popular and well-known tonic for weight gain. It is a fine combination of various nutritious herbs of nature. These herbs help strengthening the bones and muscles of the body. Furthermore, these ingredients help to improve immunity system. Likewise, it is possible to raise weight with regular intake of Chyavanprash. This tonic is suitable for people of all age and sex. Consuming two spoons of Chyavanprash ensures better blood circulation. In addition to, revitalizing the worn-out vital elements inside the body. They also make the digestion process fast, resulting in making you feel hungry sooner.

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Shatavari is helpful for pregnant women and lactating mothers. They are also helpful for increasing body weight. This herb is an excellent hydrator that helps to maintain the fluid balance inside the body. In addition, saatavari also improved digestion system to a significant extent. Shatavari or Asparagus is an Ayurvedic medicine which has been used for centuries as a rejuvenating ayurvedic medication.

It is a climbing plant which grows in low jungle areas. Each root has a light brown coloured outer skin. It is extensively used in Ayurveda to balance the Pitta and Vata effects on the body. Roots have a bitter taste with a tinge of sweet flavour. Furthermore, they provide a natural cooling effect on the system. And its building nature makes it a great support for anyone looking for a nourishing, grounding effect. These combined qualities make it a rejuvenative for the reproductive system (particularly female), the digestive system (particularly when pitta is involved), and for the blood.

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